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How to find out what is slowing down your wireless speed

How to find out what is slowing down your wireless speed

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The first thing you need to do is when setting up your wireless internet is do it right from the beginning. For starters unplug and remove the batteries from all the cordless phones. If you have a wireless door bell or a repeater shut it off and unplug it.. Anything that is wireless in your house needs to be turned off. This also includes cell phones, Ipad's and Ipod's.This thing of telling the homeowner that the mircowave is causing problem is hog wash. But don't have it running while you are setting this up. In other words nothing in your house should be running including the AC and heat. Anything that is pulling hi amperage should be shut down during the set up. Now unplug all cables on the router except for your computer cable and power supply to the router. Hold the reset button in long enough to clear all settings. Now you are ready to set this up right. Sign into your router and go to My Network, if it is showing something other that your main frame computer you still have something on that the router is picking up. Find it and turn if off and reset the router again. Once everything is cleaned and the only this showing up is the computer you are ready. Now go to Speed Net or what ever you check your speed with and write down your average speed. Do three or four speed test to get the average reading. BTW, clear all cookies before you check your speed. Now go back into your router settings and rename you computer to what ever so you won't get that IP address confused with the rest of your hook up. Next take only one of your wireless devices and turn it on. Once the router picks it up rename it and put the security code on for that device to connect to the wireless device. It should also show it as being a wireless device. Also if all your devices can except performance mode go for it because the speeds will always be faster. Also start selecting one channel at a time to find the one that has the fastest speed. Try doing this close to the router, like in the same room. If you are using the performance mode your upload and download should be close to your wired connection. Now go to different parts of the house. You will see some drops but that is normal. Don't do this test on a PS3 or a WII because those speeds will always be slow no matter what you do. All Apple products won't work with Speed Net. Once you get connected to the internet it is always better to go back into your router and write down the assigned IP address and the IP address to the router sign in and manually put them in to each device. Always remember the higher security setting you can set you the faster the speed will be. Do each device as said in the above way. Something else you also might want to do is after you have set up each wireless device go back into your router setting under Wireless settings and disable SSID Broadcast. Only thing this will do is make it to where nobody can see your wireless connection. That way when someone wants to hack your router they won't be able to see it...ya can't hack what ya can't Once you get all said wireless devices set up and connected then go back and start turning on phones...ect..ect. If you are truly getting interference you will be able to change the channel on either that device or change the channel on the router for that device. Most of the devices in this day and time should be able to except the 802.11n or the next letter down.The bad thing about the newest Verizon router is the security is still outdated for the PS3. Part two of this is Sony is still using a crap-o-la wireless internet receiver, as a result I don't care what cha do unless you hard wire it in and that still only helps some. Also this thing of putting your router on the window seal or up near the ceiling is also poo poo. If this was a true case why not just hook up a High Def antenna in the Also this thing of stating don't put the router near a wall is also doo doo. Their would have to be a load of copper wire in that wall to prevent a signal from going through it. If you think about it all wall electrical outlets are wired low to the floor. They take one room and wire them all together. They don't wire it up and down the walls. So most rooms have the wiring a foot from the floor.The most wire you will find in a house at one location is at the circuit breaker box and the box should be on a outside wall in the garage. In older homes like the 40's and 50's some are in the kitchen or a bedroom closet. On the older homes try and steer clear of those locations. Now if you are getting interference from something in your home this will be a easy way to find it. One thing Verizon needs to stop telling it's customer and that is if you get a faster speed which is more money it will correct your wireless problem...hog wash Once you spend your hard earned money and sign the contract, they forget to tell you they only guarantee that speed if it is hard for some reason they always forget that part.

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I forgot to suggest one more thing. On your computer go to start/ run/ type in MSCONFIG and go all the way to the right and click start up and then at the bottom select disable all and then reboot. Windows will only load what it need to operate. After that go back into MSCONFIG and go back to the start up and put a check into what ever security program you are using and reboot. Everything will still work fine. The only thing you are doing here is not running all the programs each time you turn your computer on.What this will do if you do this is it will start programs faster and it also is less wear and tear on your pooter. If you want to see what I am talking about go here>> and he will explain and show in full detail what I am talking about as far as being robbed by unnecessary programs running in the back ground. He will also explain the correct way of disabling things that you will never use. MS is set up for remote operation. Like calling your pooter from a phone which I am pretty sure most don't use that feature. If you want to see what happens when you go to any site while surfing download the free copy of CrapCleaner, run it and let it remove all the internet clutter and cookies, then go to one site and close IE down and rerun CrapCleaner again. You will then see what is really slowing down your internet speed. If you are using Windows 7 or 8 you need to go to Control Panel/ Taskbar and Start Menu/ then select Start menu again/ Customize/ and scroll down to Run Command and check it. Now you will be able to see the run command. I don't know why MS removed that feature.

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