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How to get FIOS Quantum Router to Use Channel 132 on 5.0GHz

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How to get FIOS Quantum Router to Use Channel 132 on 5.0GHz

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I have a new FIOS Quantum Q1100 router and discovered it will auto-select 5.0GHz channels that are not on the configuration pull-down.  I would like the router to operate on channel 132 so it will avoid other channels in use at my location.  This worked fine on my office desk, but when I moved to to the permanent location, it selected a different in-use channel and won't go back.


There are a silly-few number of 5.0GHz channels offered in the configuration page - not much better than 2.4GHz.


I attempted to use a proxy to resubmit the PUT form with channel 132 and that really hosed the router so I had to start over from factory defaults.


Anyone have the trick?




P.S. - Channel 132 tested at 95/95Mbps when on 132, as expected.  It wasn't a fluke.  It wasd that the other choices had stronger signals on the apparent "default" selections.  I hate to ahve to hook up two more routers just to get this thing to move to where I want it.

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Re: How to get FIOS Quantum Router to Use Channel 132 on 5.0GHz

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To use Channel 132, the router must be left on automatic channel selection mode. This is because it is classified as a DFS / TPC channel. That means "Dynamic Frequency Selection" and "Transmit Power Control" repsectively.


These are classified as such because radar used by Airports, Weather, and Military bases operate within the same frequencies. If the router detects the presence of radar, it must cease operation on the channels where radar was detected. When this occurs, the router will switch to an available channel, often another one that is not found in the DFS range. If it didn't, the router would keep 5Ghz disabled indefinitely, until a period of time passes where no radar signal is heard. If the router doesn't cease use of the channel and fails to shut down after detecting radar, that can lead to all sorts of nasty regulatory issues with the FCC, FAA, etc...


If a channel is marked TPC, it's generally for the same reason as DFS. Some other important, licensed or unlicensed service works in that range. Thus, the router must adhere to coexistance rules. To co-exist, the router will use TPC to not avoid use of the channel all together if an interfering signal is faint, for example, but it will decrease the power output of it's wireless radio, minimizing any impact the router may have on the other radio service.


See this page for reference on channels you can select manually. They are the non-DFS/TPC channels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels. On Wi-Fi routers, you will usually not see all of the channels because the routers space the channels apart to allow for use of the VHT40/VHT80 transmit modes.

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