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I Must be in Fios Heaven

I Must be in Fios Heaven

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I thought I was dreaming. I was reading that if you turn WMM off on your router, QOS to off, the speeds greatly increase. I know that one upload has to be incorrect but it showed twice at simular speeds so I must be dreaming.


Great speed even better today, or I must be the only person in the neighborhood that has this speed.

Location: New York
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What do you get to third party speedtest sites?  I find the Verizon speedtest to be of limited use as it hides from their customers any evidence that they have bottlenecks on the ingress links.


I have gigabit connection and to third party sites I consistenly get around 900 Mbps up and down during less peak times of the day.  As I approach the early evening I'm lucky if I can crack 250 Mbps up/down until later in the evening.  It's still good relative to the past but I feel like they mislead their customers about what they are actually able to get using FiOS as they don't advertise it as gigabit only within the VZ network.  

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Actually at external speedtest sites I get 870/740 which is not gigabyte per se but as I always tell folks the higher speeds from Verizon Fios proprietary speedtest sites are not real world. Also depending on time of day can be lower but not down as low as you posted.


I was just amazed since I was messing around with my Nighthawk after a firmware update and bam it was fast. 😀

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i thought no other households are on your fios line so therefore the speed is always the same?

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Uberman wrote:

i thought no other households are on your fios line so therefore the speed is always the same?


i don't see that statement in the thread. Maybe you know something I don't.

in my neighborhood there are still a few homes that use Fios what they have I don't know since it's none of my business.


i know I have gigabyte service, and my speeds drop at test sites not of Verizon's proprietary speed test sites. But consistent at their own.

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still trying to find the QOS config in my router setup?!?! 

where is it hidden!??!




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TiNuZ wrote:

still trying to find the QOS config in my router setup?!?! 

where is it hidden!??!




What router are you using?


If the Quantum Gateway start at page 38. Turn off WMM on both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz and guest networks. 

Read the manual it tells you all that you need to know.


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if only it worked for me,I still have to wait for web pages to load.Fios was a big let down for me.

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Did you call support? 1-800-VERIZON 

ask them to troubleshoot and see if the provisioned speed is on your account.


after Gigabyte speed is placed on your account make sure to turn off your router and turn off each device on your network and then wait a few minutes and turn your router back on. Wait for it to boot up completely and then turn on your computer and hook it to an available lan port on the router.

then take the Verizon Speedtest and see what speeds you are getting.


Wifi is no indication of speed obtained under Gigabyte so don’t even bother checking that. Verizon only accepts direct connection to their proprietary network via ethernet connection to the router. Not WiFi or other speed test sites 

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Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 3.36.46 PM.png

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