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I am Ready to bring Comcast back!!

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Registered: ‎07-27-2011

I am Ready to bring Comcast back!!

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I've had FIOS for 6+ months.  TV/Phone - No problems.

Internet - Seriously - I don't see the speed difference AT ALL.


That's WHEN i have a connection for more than 'x' hours straight.

I've had technicians at the house - they've replaced the Router, cable, etc...  It was a bit better for a short while but down last night for 30+ minutes.  Down right now from 9:40am EST to current 10:55am EST. 

Many times it goes down for a few minutes.  The in-home agent kicks in and that sometimes fixes it.  Why wouldn't the in-home software



When the internet goes down, not only do I loose Internet. But I can no longer talk to my internal PC's either.  I cannot ping anything from any PC's.   BUT !!! Most of the time the XBOX stays on the network and works!!  it does go out sometimes as well.


Cannot resolve DNS host names.  Canot ping printer next to me.

I have dozens of screen shots and troubleshooting steps that I have followed.

I've replaced my internal switch (twice). 

I've removed everything from network except 1 machine.- same issue.

I've replaced my other wireless router.  No change.


I have run network analysis tools (Win 7 & wireshark) on the network to see what (if anything) is happening during this outage period.. Results show NOTHING!


It almost appears as if it's a DOS attack - but there's not network activity.


I am frustrated - I've wasted time, money & effort to resolve this. While the local Techs have been more than nice - I still have the same results....


I have NEVER, EVER had such bad issues like this with Comcast. It was purely a money saving effort..  I guess you get what you pay for!! 


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Re: I am Ready to bring Comcast back!!

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Oh - and as for Speed - while I understand I am at the mercy of the other end of the pipe... I do NOT get 35/35 like promised.. Not even close... The rest of my family thinks it's slower than the 15/5 we had from Comcast.


Also - I have a gigabit  switch internally - So nothing's slow on my end.  

Streaming from anywhere is horrible.  Cannot watch movies on my droid - too slow!!


Not happy!


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Re: I am Ready to bring Comcast back!!

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Do any of your PCs by any chance run Torrent software (P2P) or run Steam? Does the Internet dropping out seem to correlate with certain activities while online? I know that the Verizon routers (mainly the Actiontec units) have had issues regarding the NAT Tables, and that would explain the lack of connectivity IF existing connections continue to work (mainly downloads and game sessions) but new ones cannot be made. As to why you are losing network access, that is another mystery in itself. Even with a full NAT table that should not occur since LAN connections are point to point; do not require a NAT.


Visit the next time your connection drops and see if you can grab the system log from the ActionTec. Visit System Monitoring and locate the System Logging section of the router. Paste up the entire contents of the log.

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