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I have not received any confirmation for my recent internet order.

I have not received any confirmation for my recent internet order.

Copper Contributor Frostmourne
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On December 2 I ordered 200/200 Mbps Fios (special Cyber Monday promotion) for $39.99/month, no contract, with a year of Disney+ and a $100 prepaid Visa card. I created my account with Verizon after ordering and my bank statement confirms that my deposit was received.


When I access my Verizon account, I see the following message: "Error Loading Order Details. We're processing your order. Use the refresh button to try again. If you're still not seeing your order information, please notify your agent or call 1.800.VERIZON"

I verified my phone number and email address. Verizon never emailed me an order confirmation and it did not go to spam. I have also not received any calls. It is going on 72 hours since I ordered and I beginning to become a little more than concerned.


I would think a national company as huge and reputable as Verizon is capable of an email confirmation with the details of my order. The only good thing is that I copiously recorded every window of the order and have all the details to prove my order was placed.


I spoke to both the normal customer support and a higher up supervisor which I had to find the phone number for online. Both told me my order was "on their backend" and I will be contacted soon. When I first ordered the internet, the chat agent told me I would receive the email confirmation within 24 hours. I feel like I am being given the run around and as a new customer I do not feel appreciated or respected.


What is going on? Is this how Verizon operates? I have ordered from all sizes of companies and all have given me confirmation about what I ordered. It is a common courtesy. This is extremely unprofessional. 


Can someone supply with me the best number to call to resolve this? I need to talk to the highest level person that I'm able to. I need to be confident that my order is even in their system. I need to get in touch and be absolutely certain about everything. I also need to change the installation date, which I can't do because I can't view my order online. Thank you.

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try emailing one of the executives. It will get a phone call from executive escalations.

normally the email is instantly sent as well as a welcome video and other account information.

Copper Contributor Frostmourne
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I sent an email to one of the executives and I am hopeful there is a serious investigation as to what is going on. I do not want to lose the deal I got at any cost. I am overpaying for internet right now and the $39.99 200/200 Mbps is perfect. The Disney+ and $100 gift cards are bonuses that I also do not want to lose. I waited until Cyber Monday specifically to secure this deal.


I also called the Executive Relations office earlier and received a call back. The woman was kind and looked for my order but couldn't find it and said it might be with a special team. She said she will call me back tomorrow. I can only hope they will locate it and there won't be a problem.


I never could have expected this to happen. I thought that once I submitted the order it would be smooth sailing. I can't wrap my head around how a company like Verizon could lose track of orders. Even the executive relations office couldn't see the order. I just don't understand what happened.


I would appreciate it if a moderator/support could make a note about this or start a case for me. If an agent can be assigned to help me navigate through this that would also be great. I want to pursue this matter as I seriously want to change to Fios. I don't want to lose the special deal that I waited until Cyber Monday for. If something should happen with my current order, can Verizon make some kind of arrangement to still give me the exact same internet speed and price I signed up for?

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Hi Frostmourne,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents, who will be assisting you privately.
Copper Contributor Frostmourne
Copper Contributor
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I ordered 200/200 Mbps internet from Fios over one week ago. The speed was available for my address and showed in my cart, and it did not stop me from completing the checkout. I also paid a deposit.


I have been back and forth with support and I feel like I'm either not getting the full story, the agents are not equipped with correct information, or they have such limited information that they can't address my unique situation. First I was told that 200/200 Mbps was an option and it was with the backend team. Then I found out that they had to cancel the order and I will need to do it again.


I have been told that my address supports 100/100, 300/300, and Gigabit. However, the sales representative I spoke to said I can't have 200 or 400 here. He also informed me that 200 and 400 are going to replace 100 and 300 respectively. He mentioned the central office needing new equipment, but I have a hard time believing I can get gigabit but not 200 or 400. Somebody please help me understand this.


I've also been told by other sources that I was misinformed and if my home can support 300/300 and Gigabit, then I should be able to have 400/400. I need to reiterate that this speed was clearly offered right on Verizon's home page, for the same price as 300/300 ($59.99).


I desperately want answers. According to the representative, engineering is impossible to get in touch with, but they are the only people who could give me a straight answer about this.


Can I order 300/300 now and be assured that I will be upgraded to 400/400 if it is going to be "replacing" 300/300? Or is 400/400 actually available (as I suspect), but the sales reps are misinformed? Can Verizon support please create a case for me and help me get my concerns addressed?


Thank you. I just want this to end so I can finally get Fios.



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