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I want to use my own router and keep tv guide

I want to use my own router and keep tv guide

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Thanks, Justin, for the fast reply. I have to tell you, you and CRob are amazing with your ability to understand problems and explain things. And also with your persistence in sticking with these guys until there is a resolution. You guys are much appreciated. I've learned a lot just reading these 7 pages.


I have the most primitive set up you've ever seen. I have about 10 feet of coaxial coming from the ONT in the basement to a spliter where 1 coaxial goes up thru the living room floor to another spliter where 1 goes to a DVR STB, and the other 1 goes to the G1100 (formerly the Verizon MI424WR, that I haven't returned yet), that sits right next to the pc connected by ethernet. From the spliter in the basement, the other coaxial goes up a cavity along the air return duct into a 2nd floor bedroom closet and along the baseboard to a HD STB. We have a wireless laptop that is used mostly in that room. I have Chromecast receivers on both TVs. Our wireless devices are my wife's and my 5S iphones, and then back to the 1st floor where we have a wireless printer and our boy's PS3. I have no coaxial outlets and no exsisting cat* wiring and no ethernet has ever been connected to the ONT.


I just retired and am looking for a way to reduce monthly bills. I've been sampling PS Vue, Directv Now, Sling, YouTube, Amazon to see if their programing could match Verizon's for less money, but the lag and disconnections were getting annoying so I thought we'd try an upgrade from 25/5 to 75/75. I video my son's sports team and like to upload them to google drive so the other parents and their kids can watch them, too. My last upload took about 4 hours for an 8 GB video. So that's basically my need for speed.  


With different speed test sites, I'm getting good results. With the wired pc I get more than I expect. With 25/5, i get just about even. Even wireless upstairs gets about the same. Maybe a little less at upload. With 75/75, I've been getting into the 80's and 90's with both UL and DL, never less. Upstairs with wireless, I get about 1/2 that with DL and a little less than half with UL.     5 GHz is terrible. It's not even discovered on most devices, which means we're all on 2.4, then it gets slow. If it we're for the speed of the wired pc, the difference between 25/5 with the M1424WR and 75/75 with G1100, is not much of an improvement. I almost bought the G1100 til I read some reviews that said I could do better. So instead of renting that at 10/mo, I ordered the Netgear AC1900 R7000. I thought the M1424WR would serve it's purpose for the TV.


I'm open to any suggestions you have for making this into a better network. Thanks a lot.

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Just to confirm, you do not have ethernet running from ONT to router?

If so, like Justion said, you can put it anywhere.

Try moving it to the first floor and see if that makes WiFi better.

Will need to move the splitter to do that.

Probably would need to go by local big box store and pick up a male-male connector to take splitter out in basement.

Hope this helps.

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Correct, there are no ethernet cables connected to the ONT.  The ONT is in the basement (it cannot be relocated) and the wireless router is on the 1st floor.


The ONT has a coax connection the goes to a spliter which takes 1 coax to the 1st floor and 1 coax to the 2nd floor. On the first floor there is another spliter that takes 1 coax to the DVR STB and the other coax to the wireless router. On the 2nd floor, the coax coming from the basement is connected to an HD STB.


My goal is to speed up all wireless devices.  Those devices are a wireless laptop used on the 2nd floor, 2 Chromecast connected TVs (1 downstairs, 1 upstairs), 2 iphones, and a PS3.  I recently upgraded from 25/5 to 75/75 and am renting the G1100. I am not satisfied with the wireless signal coming for the G1100.  I can rarely get a stable 5 GHz connection (only the iphones can sometimes discover that signal) which means everything is using 2.4.  I just realized this morning that my son's PS3 in the living room has an ethernet connection in the back, so that's 1 less device on wireless as I made that connection to one of the LANs on the wireless router. 


After reading other complaints about the G1100, I decided a fairly inexpense replacement would be the Netgear AC1900 R7000.  I'm supposed to get that delivered Thursday along with 100 ft of cat6 and end connections.  Instead of returning the M1424WR which I can use rent free, I'm going to return the $10/mo G1100. 


This was my plan:

1) keep the coax connections I presently have, but only replacing the G1100 with the M1424WR for purposes of FIOS TV, programming/on demand services.

2) running cat6 from the ONT to the new Netgear router for wireless internet and also a wired connection to the pc right next to the router. (I understand the ethernet connection that needs to be made between the 2 routers)


Justin said that I would NOT need the coax connection with the ONT if I was going to run the cat6 cable.  So I'm wondering how that would work.  Can STB's be connected using ethernet instead of coax?  If so, I'm guessing I would run cat6 between the ONT and one of the routers (M1424WR ?), then connecting the 2 routers with ethernet, then connect the STB to 1 of the LAN's of the M1424WR, then connect one of the routers to the pc (which router ?).  If I need to run a cat6 from the router to the STB upstairs, that's not a problem.  This guess is not sounding logical to me.  I have a feeling I'm way off track.  Can you use spliters on cat6? If so, then I'm thinking to keep my present wiring map and just replacing all coax with cat6 and using the ethernet connection on the ONT instead of the coax connection.


Just trying to make the fastest, most reliable network I can without much expense. 

??????  thanks, guys!

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For TV service, you have to have coax from ONT.

You have the choice of Internet via coax or ethernet.

If you choose ethernet, you then need a moca bridge to get Internet to STBs for guide and VOD.

Ethernet can not be split in the way you think.

You can connect a switch and then plug multiple connections there.

Is cat6 coming pre-terminated?

If not, you will need to look up how to terminate the cable (pinouts, etc).

And you will also want to lookup how to turn your Netgear into an AP.
That works best as it allows any wireless device (android and IOS) to talk to VMS via FIOS app.

If/when you choose to get rid of Fios TV, you then can replace their router with your own and use it to its full capability.

BTW, I just bought a TP-Link router for the exact reason you are.

I have a two story rancher. Even it doesn't provide wireless throughout my entire house (and it is not that big). I hoped it would cover entire house. But I kept it as I had an old DLink router that only had 2.4G. So I used the DLink to provide 5G in my basement.

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Just to clarify and or muddy the waters, I'll add my network solutions over the years. 


I had FiOS Internet and FiOS TV service until last summer when I dropped FiOS TV and went to using a pair of Rokus and Playstation VUE. I have never used a Verizon router (except to activate the service where it seems to be required).


I have always had a Linux firewall/router, but you could substitute that with a Linksys or Netgear router with more or less the same result. I also had a TiVo DVR with a multichannel CableCard because I didn't get along with Verizon's DVR. (It crashed a lot.) My network for around a decade looked like this:




The important thing to note above is that I had both a coax connection and an Ethernet connection from the ONT. The coax provided the video signal to the Verizon STB and the TiVo DVR. The NIM-100 was added when I got FiOS TV to serve as an Ethernet to MoCA bridge that inserted Ethernet data in a fixed range of the frequencies on the coax cable. It existed only to provide the guide information and VOD data for the Verizon STB. (The STB had no Ethernet connection at all.) The TiVo DVR got its guide information from tivo.com over its Ethernet connection. The VOD for the TiVo also came over Ethernet.


Now, with the Rokus, my network looks like this:


MyCurrentFIOSSetup.pngI use a pair of Actiontec ECB6200 MoCA adapters to convert Ethernet to (Ethernet over) coax for the purpose of getting Ethernet connectivity to the Roku upstairs. So basically, I found a new purpose for the coax that used to run to the Verizon STB. 

[Be nice! We are mostly fellow Verizon customers.
My setup: 75/75 Mbps; Linux router (2x 1Gbps ports) + iptables; Linksys WRT1900ACS in Bridge Mode]
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Hi - This is exactly what I had to do with my Tp-Link AC 1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router in order to gain access to the Fios TV channel guide, on demand and DVR features.  I am no computer guru and was able to follow these directions. Thank you.



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