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IP address questions for FIOS router MI424WR

IP address questions for FIOS router MI424WR

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I am establishing a few static IP addresses within my home network for ADT Pulse, NAS (which hopefully my Macs will now 'see'), a wireless printer, my Vonage box and a webcam which I've not yet purchased.


I've just changed the range of my DHCP generated IP addresses to begin with ...10 instead of ...2 and plan to assign the static IP addresses in this low range of numbers.


I can see how to change IP addresses generated by DHCP to 'static'.  No problem.  But when I try to add static IP addresses for these devices connected via DHCP previously, I am getting the following error message:


"MAC Address already exists in Wireless Broadband Router's database."


I removed the entries in the DHCP connection list...but how do I remove the MAC addresses from the router database?  Do I have to wait for the DHCP lease to expire as well?


Thank you in advance for some insight into IP addressing within this router.



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A few thoughts:


Check the ARP list from the advanced menu.  You may find the offending entry there


Reboot the router, this may clear the database.


I gave up on trying to establish static IP entries outside of the DHCP range.  Instead, I assign static DHCP entries.  This way, I don't have to configure anything on the devices, they just use DHCP and don't care that they get the same address every time.  The trick is to go to the DHCP connection list on the router,  first set a device to static DHCP, then name it, then change the IP address.  You may need to reset the device as well.


I've got the first 20 or so IP addresses of the DHCP range ( to set to static DHCP.  This covers all the devices in my home; printers, servers, and user devices.  If I have temporary devices on my network (say from a friend or device I'm testing), they get a dynamic IP address.  With this setup, I can easily see when a device has an active DHCP lease, which gives me some idea if it has recently been online.  This is a helpful network management tool.


Good Luck!


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