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IP is blocked

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Registered: ‎06-29-2020

IP is blocked

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Recently I've started experiencing strange things. Browsing to certain cites suddenly require verification that I am human. That verification is done by


Also, some services stop working: I transfer name of songs and album pic to my website, as well as song names to twitter and
That stops working with a message: connection closed gracefully or timed out.

The second I renew IP, all becomes normal for a few days, and then all starts again.

It is clearly something going on down the road and my IP is blocked. The question is WHY? This is not what I am paying for to verizon. I would like to fix this but do not know how. Verizon does not help much. All they do is offer to renew ip address, which solves it for a short period of time 4-7 days. Evidently, verizon's ip's get blocked for some reason.


I am really sick of this problem. Please help.

I hope this message gets to the right place and assistance will be on the way.

Thank you  read more here

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Platinum Contributor II
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Re: IP is blocked

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My quick solution is to use a home vpn like NordVPN.

it bypasses all that Verizon hassle.


sometimes the IP addresses were used by spammers and the address is blocked.

there could be other reasons but it’s not worth the hassle.


there are also free virtual private network companies but I use nord which costs money for a three year term.



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Re: IP is blocked

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Make sure you don't have unauthorized software (malware) on your computer sending excessive amounts of requests for no reason.


Another possibility is that your entire WAN subnet is blocked for some reason. To pull an IP address from a different subnet, you need to keep renewing the IP address.

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Re: IP is blocked

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I do not have anything UNauthorized


That happens on ALL computers, Iphones, Ipads that are connected to the same network.


The only solution so far is to renew IP, but it only helps for a few days.  I do not understand at all WHAT changed and Why suddenly this is heppening.


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Re: IP is blocked

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As much money as I pay to Verizon, I simply cannot afford to invest in some VPN services.    I do not even get it WHY this is happening.  Why verizon does not want to investigate this matter Why their ip's get blacklisted.

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Gold Contributor VII
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Re: IP is blocked

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FYI, you're talking to customers here.  Nobody here can tell you why Verizon does what they do (or don't do.)  The folk here will continue to give you ideas on how to deal with the issue, if you want.


If you want to re-engage with Verizon, I suggest you contact their social media support team.  You can do that by tweeting @verizonsupport or posting over in


I've been using FiOS for years with only a handful of IP address changes.  I've never had my IP blacklisted.  I do get the occasional captcha, which I fill out.  It could be something on one of your systems, or maybe a network neighbor is running a server that is getting flagged.


Testing with a VPN is one way to diagnose the issue.

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