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IPv6 for Residential Customers

IPv6 for Residential Customers

Contributor intramorph
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so is there an answer to this question. I would really love to know if Verizon will provide me with IPv6 or do i have to switch ISP's again...

Please let us know Verizon. Thanks

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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@intramorph wrote:

so is there an answer to this question. I would really love to know if Verizon will provide me with IPv6 or do i have to switch ISP's again...

Please let us know Verizon. Thanks

It’s not being offered by Fios and most other isp’s So if that is your reason for switching you are going to be disappointed.


its in limited use on some cable providers. Charter Spectrum I believe is one, or is it Comcast ?


Contributor lohphat
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Spectrum and Xfinity (Comcast) offer IPv6 in many (most?) areas now.


Spectrum as my ISP in NYC before FiOS and I could get native IPv6.


Verizon is just lazy. There are several interim IPv6 transition technologies they could use to accellerate non-tunnel IPv6 but for profit reasons choose not to.

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It costs money to roll it out.

Can't imagine they will either gain or lose a significant number of customers.

So from from  a business perspective, why spend the money?

I don't understand the big push for it. What is missing by not having it?

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Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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VZE and VZW already spent Capex and have the infrastructure in place to support IPv6. If we consider the Oath properties into this mix as well, Oath also has IPv6 going on their services like Yahoo and AOL (not dial-up, too much overhead. Their websites). You can even get IPv6 on the 3G EV-DO network provided that you're using an eHRPD capable phone.


With the Gigabit upgrades, Verizon had to upgrade the core infrastructure at the POPs and COs to support that kind of bandwidth. At some point in the past decade they also had to upgrade the infrastructure from ATM to Ethernet. Any piece of equipment fast enough to run FTTP infrastructure also supports IPv6. Much like how any DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS, even the ancient Cisco 10K, has full IPv6 support due to the spec.


Rather, it's the time and effort in configuring the gear and performing lab tests which are the problem. The issue IPv6 has from a backbone perspective is to ensure there are protections against rogue RAs. Which is something that has already been solved elsewhere in Verizon's other divisions. But it's not an excuse Verizon should be playing with given some other innovations they have touted in the past.


I know that the Cable companies have seen issues in the past with IPv6. Such as the issues propped up in Puma5-based modems where IPv6 TCP headers were being mangled. Or the Puma6 where IPv6 helps contribute to filling the lookup table and crashing the modem. Or the new Broadcom DOCSIS 3.1 modems which are having trouble maintaining DHCP-PD. But a lot of that has to do with the management framework of a DOCSIS modem and less to do with a bridge and trunk network like FiOS or DSL.

Contributor TurboAAA
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The big push, for me at least, are the following reasons


1. Native intelligent routing. SIP and gaming traffic will generally perform better and more reliably with v6.

2. Native communication between devices without having to configure NAT. IPSEC becomes easier as well, allowing me to create direct connections with systems that normally would not have a public IP.


Then again I am a Systems Analyst that works from home a third of the time....

Copper Contributor emiliosic
Copper Contributor
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Just happened I was following a different thread on IPv6, and got a HE IPv6 working nicely, because I'm using my own routers (When I ordered FIOS, I chose wired ethernet directly from the ONT, and a Cablecard rental ($ 5 a month, a bit high but that's what VZ can get away with I guess. My previous cable provider was charging much less for the cable card).

Anyways, set up a tunnel with HE and took me about five minutes once I understood the backwards terminology on the Linksys router. Worked right away. Didn't even need to reboot the router.

HE does work like a tunnel (Although not encryped).

Had to disable it today however when my kids wanted to watch cartoons on Netflix (They never EVER use regular TV channels for some reason).

The Windows 10 PC my kid was using, like any modern system, prioritizes IPv6, and Netflix connects over IPv6 first, but Netflix detected the HE IP as a 'tunnel' and they blocked it.

Regardless, other than that, everything worked seamless. Google, Apple, Microsoft and any other web site worked just fine with dual stack. It's a pity that VZ is not offering it. I was testing someting with an acquitance over the weekend, who moved recently to Puerto Rico, and their provider is running IPv6.

Contributor maxehr
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I don't think it's laziness, as pointed out they already have the infrastructure and they are using it in other places eg wireless. I think it's much simpler: you can buy more public ipv4 addresses from them, but the smallest batch of ipv6 they can give out is a /64, more public addresses than the average person could ever use. They lose a revenue stream by providing ipv6.

Copper Contributor emiliosic
Copper Contributor
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To answer your question, Comcast does offer native dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 to residential customers, at least in our area, our Comcast neighbors have IPv6, using Comcast X1 routers (Residential service).

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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While I do not have FIOS, I am happy to report that they are deploying it and this time for real.


As over heard/over read at https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32136440-Networking-IPv6-working


IPv6 Connection Type: DHCPv6-PD


Smiley Happy

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