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is IPv6 up and running in the manassas, nova area yet?

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@awannabeee wrote:

is IPv6 up and running in the manassas, nova area yet?

Not available anywhere in the FIOS footprint at this time.


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Well Verzion them selve has no plans to switch customers over to ipv6 capable routers right away as its hard to get on Wireless N router from them as well unless you are on a buisness plan.Now If you Turn off your wireless from the Verizon side and hook up a router switch to a open port on the verizon router\modem there should be no problem as thats how i do mine.Also there are only certain routers and that support Wireless N and IPv6 access and I will post some info here as well about that.


http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=767  <<<  Heres The Dlink one im using as Dlink and Cisco (linksys) are the only companys that support Ipv6 fully on certain models.


Heres another IPV6 Router >> http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=737


only two i know of but was told there are two more dlink models that support it but i contacted dlink and they told that the two links i have posted here are the only fully compatible IPV6 routers availible.


Heres one of ciscos routers >> http://homestore.cisco.com/en-us/Routers/Linksys-E4200-MaximumPerformance-Wirelessn-router_stcVVprod...


Since Verizon doesn't supply a IPV6 address you will need to use a tunnel and verizon is not exspecting to switch to IPv6 right away.Also IPv6 is not supported on the routers given out by verizon so you need a router to plug to the verizon unit you have and setup a tunnel.If you need help just ask.

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Actually Verizon did do a test where they enabled some customers to use IPV6 for last years World IPV6 day.  And they have supplied IPV6 to some businesses that require it.  Their public ip network supports IPV6.


See for example



They probably will announce plans start enabling residential IPV6 at some point.  Perhaps even some this year.

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The Verizon routers do have support for IPv6. They just don't have it enabled or built into to the images. I have an MI424WR loaded with 3rd party firmware and run IPv6 right on the router. It's useless at the moment besides tunneling and Link Local addresses until Verizon hands over a block of v6 addresses, but that's really it. Doesn't need a lot of memory to run, either so an old Rev. D can handle it.

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@jessica45qt wrote:


"only two i know of but was told there are two more dlink models that support it but i contacted dlink and they told that the two links i have posted here are the only fully compatible IPV6 routers availible."



Apple has supplied IPv6 compliant routers for years (Apple Airport Extreme) and these are quite common and also have dual band WiFi N.  They also support IPv6 tunneling, but what we really would like native support for IPv6 from Verizon - and if not that then an on-net tunneling point would be nice.  


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I wish Verizon would get a little more on the ball with this, or at least be more flexible with their residential customers.   Their reasoning is usually something along the lines of "the current routers we've handed out don't support ipv6".  


The Actiontec router I got from Verizon sits 2 hops deep into my network on a behind my edge router and a firewall on a DMZ, and is only alive and connected to the internet for the purpose of keeping my TV's guide information alive.  My whole LAN and all its subnets are IPv6.  


My edge router is a Cisco 2811, and is plenty IPv6 capable.  And despite Verizon's core network being as IPv6 capable as they say it is, they still won't deliver IPv6 through to my edge router.  To get around it for the time being I use a tunnel broker to tunnel IPv6 in over IPv4.  They gave out a /64 by default, and alloted me a whole /48 at the push of a button.  100% free.   I won't name the company since technically they are an ISP as well (although their tunnel broker service is not associated with their ISP service), and I'd rather my post not get deleted due to posting competetor information, but the a quick google search for "ipv6 tunnel broker" will bring up several options.  I simply spawned a tunnel interface on the router and have that as my eventual default route for IPv6. It works even better than expected.  You'd never know I don't actually have IPv6 being delivered by Verizon.  The addresses are even reachable by the internet.


A caveat about ipv6 that I'll throw in here that some people might not expect...  You need to be more careful about writing access-lists and defining acces rules in general than you do right now.  There's no NAT in most proper ipv6 deployments.  So all your addresses are technically accessible on the internet.  So it's important to make sure that at the very least you have some sort of basic stateful firewall going.  Even most home routers have that as a feature now.  But if you've disabled it for some reason, it's important to make sure it's back on.

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Interesting, ty for the link.  The only thing that worries me is they're not making any indication of what size network one would get out of it, unless you're a business customer.  I really cant see them doing anything smaller than a /64 since that's what all the hosts on the network need for SLAAC.   but I'd really like to see them giving out slightly more than /64 since that size only allows you one subnet.   unless you want to chop things up and configure them in a more manual fashion.

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Is a bad link.


I do remember seeing something to the effect that there would be a rollout of ipv6 in the 3rd quarter.


Nothing else. No info anywhere that I can find.



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