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Illegal Download Lawsuit

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Illegal Download Lawsuit

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Has anyone else received a lawsuit notice for illegal downloads? 

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Re: Illegal Download Lawsuit

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I don't recall hearing of anyone having a lawsuit placed on them for downloading illegal/copyrighted content that correlated to a specific ISP such as Verizon Online. Verizon does honor Copyright notifications though, since they do place notifications against your account and also forward them on to you if they receive one over your IP address. It is mentioned in the ToS that transmitting of unauthorized materials is grounds for service termination, so I'd best be extremely careful if you're considering doing such activities. So far I have yet to hear of someone getting kicked off of Verizon's network for doing such a thing, but I'm sure it's happened.

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Re: Illegal Download Lawsuit

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I have. Who can I contact since they have the wrong IP address?


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