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In Home Agent Issue

Contributor fixitrite
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Registered: ‎01-11-2011
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Internet connection failed when I turned on my PC this morning. Verizon in-home agent offered to 'fix the problem'. Right. After going through all the motions, including re-starting the router,  it announced that there was a problem with the cable between the router and the wall connector. It said this in spite of the fact that the modem status lights indicated there was an operating connection. Hours later email started working without any intervention on my part. Apparently there had been a network outage. Is it too much to ask in-home agent to recognize the difference between a disconnected cable and a network outage when the router is detecting a signal? What genius designed this 'diagnostic' tool?

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Employee Emeritus
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Hi fixitrite,


The In-Home Agent unfortunately can not determine if there is a network outage, it can only try to determine and fix what is wrong with in your home connection.  However if you have any ideas on how we can make the In-Home Agent better, please feel free to visit our Idea Exchange.

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Contributor fixitrite
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Registered: ‎01-11-2011
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The issue isn't about detecting a network outage. It is that In Home Agent is giving a diagnosis of a disconnected cable even though the router is detecting a cable signal. Can't IHA read the router status?

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The way it works is that In home agent tests the line at each step. Although the router indicated a working connection, it was a false positive. You didnt have internet connection after all. The In Home Agent saw that it could talk to the router, but was unable to communicate past the router. Therefore the problem is the other side of the router. The next thing to look at is the cable between the router and the wall. There is no way for an automated system to go further in that case. It had no way to tell the difference because there was no way for it to "look" any further. It saw a failure to communicate between the router and the gateway and told you to check the cable. Thats what is should have done.


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