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Increasing wireless speed

Increasing wireless speed

Contributor swabbie716
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I just had fios installed and want to make the most out of it. My game consoles are hard wired to the router and then I have a Macbook and an HP connected wireless.  The wireless seems to average speeds between 30/40 mbps. Just curious if there is away to maxamize a wireless connection. My plan is the 75/50 mbps. I don't know how the verizon wireless router holds up, or I could use that as a bridge. I have a personal router Netgear N300, Dual Band up to 300 Mbps, http://www.netgear.com/home/products/wirelessrouters/high-performance/DGND3300.aspx#two Any help or guidance to try to get faster speeds to the computers would be greatly appreciated!

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Just to clarify, you have the Netgear router for  wireless LAN and it plugs into the VZ Router?  Are you connecting at 802.11N into your netgear?  Did you disable wireless LAN on the VZ Router?


Wireless LAN carries a lot of overhead.  For example an 802.11G ( 54 meg) connection will max out between 20-23 meg.  Its the nature of wireless LAN.




Contributor swabbie716
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I have the netgear router in my possession, haven't bothered plugging it into the verizon one yet.  Didn't know if that would serve as a better option to kickout the wireless than the verizon one...

Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I
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I would use the netgear,  just follow these instructions


Copper Contributor Mauser
Copper Contributor
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The Netgear N300 router is full of bugs and poorly supported by Netgear, but it can be used as a wireless access point with the Verizon router.  Of course, you will need the newest gig-E Actiontec router to get any benefit at all from the N300 as an access point.  If your Actiontec router is not at least rev G, then it can only support 10/100 wired, so that is the best speed you will get from anything connected to the N300.


The newest firmware for the N300 has a setting to use it as an access point, but the last time I tried it on my N300, it did nothing but cause the router to continually reboot (others have also complained about this on the Netgear support forums).  I backed the firmware down to the prior release and just disabled the DHCP server in the Netgear.  Works fine.


Note that there are multiple different versions of the N300, and they do not all use the same firmware, so yours may be different than mine.

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