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Info on Deleting FTP Files from Personal Web Space

Info on Deleting FTP Files from Personal Web Space

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We understand that there has been some confusion regarding files that had been created via the FTP process and which have not been accessible on the Personal Web Space server since August 21, 2011.  If you still have FTP created files residing on your Personal Webspace that you need to have deleted off the Personal Webspace server, please contact the HSI or FiOS tech support by calling 1-800-Verizon.  These files then need to be manually removed by our server team.  You will not be able to edit or remove FTP created files via the SiteBuilder tool; however, files created via SiteBuilder are not impacted by this change and you can continue to edit and delete those files within SiteBuilder.

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I spent two hours on hold and another fifty seven minutes tonight with tech support trying to find a way to access my old FTP accessed files still on site.

I told him about the "changes for FTP users" email with the August 21, 2011 deadline.

The tech thought it was my Mozilla Firefox (which he admited does not work with Site Builder) so he had me re-install IE, try that, and still no way to access my files.

I backed up all those files locally before hand so they are safe, but I want to delete online what I don't need any more to open up storage space.

They are all there when I look at  WEB SPACE MONITOR but there is no way to delete them.

He suggested I creat a site through the SiteBuilder tool then possibly I could access and delete them but that still did not allow access to them.

He suggested I try "Premium Support" for help. I want some free help.

Your post is the first I have found addressing this issue.

You stated "These files then need to be manually removed by our server team".

Do they do this for free or is it gonnacostameplenty?






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I am in the same situation.  I was told all my web files woulde be deleted by today.  Even got a call that it was deleted.  Yet in the Personal Web Area, I stil have 13MB of files, which means I will be charged $5 per month....


GRRRR>>>......what is so hard about removing a directory and all the files in it?


Give us some access and we can do it ourselve since Verizon Techs cannot seem to grasp this simple request

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Jamie, Same Problem here. I created and maintained a site for our local amateur radio club which required periodic updating diuring the year. THE MESSAGE FROM VERIZON STATED YOU WOULD NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN THE SITE AFTER AUG.21 21011. IT DID NOT SAY YOU COULD NOT DELETE YOUR FILES AFTER THAT DATE. Website builder tool is a joke and very poor interface designed for those who know nothing about even basic HTML.  I have moved the site to a different locatiion on the internet however I am disturbed I cannot clear the old verizon site out as the data is all out of date. I have spent on separate days about 2-3 hours on the phone with various verizon customer service personel many who either played dumb or had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. One tech on HSI desk insisted I must sign up for premium help at $15/month for a minimum of 10 months to make the problem 'go away'. I could delete all the files, 16Mg worth in 15 minutes if I had FTP access. He then told me I could sign up for 'help' clearing this problem for one time fee of $89.xx but if it took less than 30 min the price might be $49.xx.  This problem was created by verizon and the info sent to the customer base was incomplete and inaccurate at best. If you care to keep me as a customer, verizon must contact me and simply clear out my personal web space. That is not a big request for  a company like verizon.  I await your reply and everybody else on this thread should likewise hear from you (Verizon)

Larry S_

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I have the same problem. I've moved my website, and I would like to remove the old files that still exist on the verizon server. Why can't they allow us access to OUR OWN FILES??? I'm very angry at Verizon.



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I even had/have a ticket with Verizon to DELETE all my WEB Files.   Was supposed to be completed by 10/2 - it was not.  So I got online with Verizon and they stated the SERVER Team would finish up the removal on Monday 10/3.  Well it is now 10/4 and I still have 13MB of files in my Personal Web Space which means I will be charged $5 for being over 10MB



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Hey, Verizon.


Here is an idea, stop making broken promises.


If you promisse to do something, you better do it on schedule.


Failure to do what you are saying you are going to do when you say you are going to do it, is not an option.


If you fail to do so:


#1 Users seriously might consider canceling service with you.


#2 Users will go to other ISPs.


#3 And they will complain about the bad/horrible customer service, which makes your ship sink ever more. ex: They will tell other users not to bother to sign up with you and tell other users who have Verizon Service to cancel too.


Get with it now, before it is to late!!!



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Working on it. Will get back to you when I have something to report.

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The four of you that reported issues with getting your FTP files deleted should now be taken care of. We apologize for the delay in getting this situation resolved for you.


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Nope not me...still shows 13MB of disk space being used, which means I will be charged for being over 10MB.


I have now talked with 11 different people and 3 have promised me all my web files would be deleted.  One even asked me if I wanted all my photos deleted or was I talking about web space?  I stated all Personal Web Space Files at Mysite.verizon.net.


So now it has been 6 days for a very simple request/ticket and still no resolution. 


If this was at my work place, the IT contractor in charge of operations/Help Desk would be thrown out of the office never to be hired again.

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