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Info on Deleting FTP Files from Personal Web Space

Info on Deleting FTP Files from Personal Web Space

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Can someone help me delete my pages? please!

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can someone at verizon please help me remove my files, tech support is no help.

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Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users. It looks like your issue may require Verizon representative help. Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email at: (or the contact us link at the bottom of the page).  

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called customer service, after having to ask to speak to a superviser, the tech "found" the information, hopefully it should be deleted within 48 hours, if not i have to call back

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its cleared, took about 1 hour!

Location: USA
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I just sent an email to customer support (10:30 AM PST on 11/8/11).  It will be interesting to see how soon this gets resolved for me.  I've been slow to get my stuff off the server since I kept hoping VZ would just give me a method to do it myself.  This is just silly!

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I too tried taking care of this by e-mail, only to get a standard e-mail reply that I had to call customer service.  It ended up taking about a week, and 3 calls, the last one being nearly an hour as the rep tried to contact then explain the problem to their "network specialist".  I will say the reps I talked to were as helpful as they could be, but didn't really know what the heck I was trying to explain about losing FTP access, etc. 

  Verizon, you really dropped the ball on this one.  Your previous communications, prior to the FTP access change, said we would not be able to maintain our sites, it never said they would be "orphaned" and we would not even be able to delete files (websites).  I mistakenly assumed you would provide some form of control panel or web access to upload and download, delete, etc. and we'd only lose the convenience of FTP access. 

  Having had some long term personal sites on verizon, was one of my reasons to continue with verizon.  Now the webspace you get with your verizon account is essentially useless.  I'm running out of reasons to stay with Verizon. 

  If I could have resolved this by e-mail, it would at least have saved me quite a bit of time on the phone.  You would do well to provide in this forum an e-mail address where folks can ask to have their orphaned websites deleted with minimal hassle. 

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I also want to take down my site, since I can no longer edit or maintain it. Site Builder doesn't work on my system and even if it did I can't edit old pages. I called Verizon and was switched around to about six different support techs in various locations, none of whom were able to help me, and most of whom didn't even understand the issue. That ate up an hour or two and accomplished nothing.


It's a very simple thing, Verizon. Either give us a way to take down old files and sites online, or give us an easy way of contacting someone who understands the issue and who is capable of resolving it. Preferably not on the phone.

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As a long-time Verizon customer, I am extremely displeased by this situation.  Over the past years I have authored several ftp-created webpages; given Verizon's elimination of FTP, I simply want to post a redirect to: to to


and to


I would be very grateful if you would simply delete the content on the "mysite" pages and insert a re-direct to my new webpages.  I have tried to use the Verizon "webbuilder" tool to do this myself, but find it totally useless/incomprehensible for accomplishing this simple task.




A Customer


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To all NJ verizon ftp users who were effected by verizon's indifference tto its customer base.


It is not the point that there are better hosting places on the internet or Verizon's sitebuilder program isn't the best.


The point is verizon took an action that discounted all the work many of us have done with our personal webspace storage.


And they did it because they can with no regard for us and our time we put into it.


Here is what you can do as we have power in numbers.


Please stand up to Verizon and file a complaint to NJ Consumer Service Center at (973) 504-6200. 

I did just that.


Hereis my story:


I am not a professional web builder and I gave up my previous internet provider because verizon offered personal webspace storage.


I am one who added more space and pays a montly fee.


I am now locked out and stuck:


1- The changes to sitebuilder prevents me from editing my website which I use as a calling card.


2-I am unable to delete all the files uploaded by ftp and


3-Verizon Tech help was useless in helping me out and only offered an "all or nothing"  deletion" which would eliminate my sitebuilder website. 


4. Consequently I am stuck paying a monthly fee for personal webspace and storage until I can rebuild somewhere else.








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