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Installation question

Contributor ibstmt
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My contract has expired, but I'm considering signing up for 200/200 Internet-only service.  My FiOS installation is old, and uses coax cable.  Would the tech person want to run new Ethernet cable if I am upgrading the router and the speed?  It's fine with me, I just want to know what to expect.

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Gold Contributor VI
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Yes, it is part of the installation fee. An ONT upgrade might also be necessary if you have an older BPON model. Verizon doesn't wall fish the ethernet wiring. Have a handyman or electrician do this prior to the install if this presents a problem. 

Contributor ibstmt
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Registered: ‎12-12-2008
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Is any Ethernet cable ok? Obviously they all have the same connection, but I am wondering if a certain "grade" is preferable.  The distance I have to run it is pretty long - longer than the width of a two-car garage.

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Platinum Contributor III
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CAT5e is fine. Just make sure it is solid copper core and not the cheap copper clad cable.

Contributor ibstmt
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Thanks.  One last question: is Verizon no longer using the G1100 router in new installs?  I was thinking about buying it from them, but I see that there is a brand-new type that costs $299 to buy or $15 to rent -- pretty expensive.  I looked into buying a G1100 elsewhere, but I am leery of people selling either one with Frontier firmware, or worse, selling one that is actually a rental.  I need a proper Verizon router for full FiOS tv functionality, like the guide, no?

MVP gs0b MVP
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Correct, Verizon no longer sells or installs the G1100.  The G3100 is the newest model available for sale and rental.  If you have a G1100 (either rental or owned), it is fully supported.


You can buy a used G1100 online, just be sure the seller has an acceptable return policy in case there are issues.  If you don't trust any online sellers, your only option is to buy a new G3100 from Verizon for $299.99.


While it is possible to use a non-Verizon router with Verizon set-top-boxes, it requires a bit of networking knowledge and the willingness to spend time debugging issues.  The latest FiOS ONE boxes do require a Verizon router for activation.  If you don't have a Verizon router, know that Verizon will not provide support for any issues beyond the ONT.

This is helpful:


Good Luck.

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