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Installing WiFi Connect on 64-bit Windows 7

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Installing WiFi Connect on 64-bit Windows 7

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Verizon WiFi can be installed on the 64-bit version of Windows 7, but the web activation that has to be completed to download the installer fails in a 64-bit OS.  The solution is to use Windows XP mode to get the installer, then run it under Windows 7 natively to get the WiFi connect installed there.  Details:


1.  Install Windows XP mode.  Open the virtual machine to the Windows XP desktop.  Run Internet Explorer from the Windows XP start menu.


2.  Navigate to and log in using your FIOS credentials. 


3. Click on the “Download WiFi Connect” and then run the Verizon Registration software. Follow the prompts to install and run the Verizon WiFi Activation Wizard. After activation the Wizard will download and run the Verizon WiFi Connect Installer.  Allow the installation to complete.


4.  Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the temp folder used by IE.  If you logged in to XP Mode with the default account, the user is XPMUser, and the temp folder is located at “C:\Documents and Settings\XPMUser\Local Settings\temp”.  In this folder, find the file VZ_WiFi_Connect.exe.  This is the actual installer.  Copy this file to a convenient location on a Windows 7 drive.  These are listed in Windows Explorer as “C on COMPUTERNAME”, etc.


5. Exit Windows XP Mode and run the VZ WiFi Connect installer from Windows 7. It should run without issues and install the Wi-Fi Connect and Hotspot Search Apps.  You can go back and uninstall the copy installed in Windows XP Mode when convenient.

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Re: Installing WiFi Connect on 64-bit Windows 7

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Thanks for posting steps that worked in your situation!


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Re: Installing WiFi Connect on 64-bit Windows 7

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I have Home Premium 64 bit and cannot run in XP mode, what is the workaround?

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Re: Installing WiFi Connect on 64-bit Windows 7

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@spaman wrote:

I have Home Premium 64 bit and cannot run in XP mode, what is the workaround?

Most likely there isn't any.  XP Mode is limited to certain versions of Win 7 and Win 8 (presumably), and unless you are running these specific versions your are not going to get what you want.  The alternative in your case might be looking for other applications that run under Win 7, or upgrading your O/S.  Upgrading becomes a more viable solution if you find that Win 8 meets your requirements (which for many is unfortunately not yet the case).

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Re: Installing WiFi Connect on 64-bit Windows 7

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Home Premium doesn't come with XP mode. You need Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Business to download and use it from Microsoft. In this day in age, unless you have a really old application that was built in the early 2000s or 90s without any anticipation for architecture upgrades I would not consider using it. Get what you can in 64-bit mode and everything else that isn't in 64-bit mode, install as normal and carry on. UAC breaks older applications in Windows 7 and Vista more than the fact that the OS itself is newer.

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