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Integrating a NIM100 as Bridge

Integrating a NIM100 as Bridge

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Integrating a NIM100 as Bridge

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I purchased a NIM-100 a few weeks ago to work with a Internet-enabled home theater system (e.g., play Pandora, etc.).  I hooked up the NIM, and all worked well for a couple weeks.


A few days ago, one of my set-top boxes started acting up, and Verizon sent some reset/reinitialization codes to it. 


After that, I started noticing that the NIM wasn't working properly.  Specifically:


1.  The home theater component hooked up to it reported that it has no Internet connection

2.  If I take a laptop and hook it up to the NIM instead of the home theater unit, it does not have an internet connection either.

3.  The network light on the NIM is solid, but the RF light is flashing.

4.  When a device attempts to connect through the NIM, the router's status page will show the COAX connection, but the status is inactive.  After awhile the entry will vanish if the status page is refreshed.

5.  The IP address assigned to the unit is less than 100 (e.g.,  In the past, I believe that it was getting a 100+ address (e.g., similar to what the settop boxes were getting.

6,  I checked/redid the coax connection to the NIM, and it appears solid.  And it did work until recently.

7.  The NIM's coax connection is to a 3-way root-level coax spliter installed by Verizon.  I told the FIOS installer that I was planning to install a NIM, and he used a 3-way instead of a 2-way to accommodate me. 





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Actiontec     Set Tops (TV)     NIM-100

Somehow it seems that the Actiontec can see the NIM, but something is keeping it from talking to it.


Is there something I can do to get the NIM working again, or could it have been bricked by the reset/reinitialize codes sent to the settop box?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Re: Integrating a NIM100 as Bridge

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SloopJohnB, The reinit command should have not affected the NIM @ all. What you could try doing is take the NIM out of the picture then try do a hard reset on the Actiontec by holding in the reset button while the router is on for about 15-20 seconds then release. After everything synchs back up then go head & put the NIM back in the loop. Let us know if that helps Thanks Brett

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Re: Integrating a NIM100 as Bridge

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Hi -

I've reset the Actiontec, but I am still a bit of a Fios newbie, and I'm not quite sure what I need to do to get the set top boxes resynced to the Actiontec.


Is there anything I need to do, or do they reconnect automatically?  Also, what should I be seeing in the network list?  Right now, I do not appear to see them.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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