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Intermittent Internet Loss - Software/ Add-On Issue?

Intermittent Internet Loss - Software/ Add-On Issue?

Contributor seschatz
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I have had FiOS for two months and at least 3 to 4 times a day, my internet connection stops (the globe and the connections says it continues but I can't access pages, old ones or new ones.  I have to disconnect from my network and then reconnect.  And the problems seems to be fixed.  I have had 3 to 4 techs out here and they finally send it is a computer/software issue with my browser (IE).  So I disabled all the add-ons and the same problems exists.  They suggest a Verizon tech scan my computer for the issue- thoughts on how and why?

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Gold Contributor VII
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What is the brand and model of your router?


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Contributor seschatz
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Actiontec M1424-WR

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You said the Globe indicates the connection is still active. You are running Vista?

Is your connection to the router wireless?

Does this occur with a hardwired connection to your PC?

Have you scanned you computer for spyware and or viruses?

What Antivirus or Spyware protection are you running?

Do you have any security suite added to the computer that has a firewall?

There are many things that could cause this. When this happens are you able to ping the router or internet?

When it happens go to a command prompt and ping your router by IP.To find this go to a command prompt and enter ipconfig. Your router IP will be listed ar the default gateway.

If you get a valid response then your connection to the router is good.

Then try to ping google.com or another web site. If this gives a valid response then the DNS is working along with your Internet connection, and the domain names are being resolved. If all this works and you can still not get to websites, then I would say it is a software or IE problem.

When Verizon tried to toubleshoot the problem was it occuring at the time you called? Hard to fix something if you do not see it. Please provide more details.



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This sounds like the well known nat table limitation of the actiontec router.It fills up quickly,and wont accept any more until the others time out.Here is a thread discussing the problem.I bypassed the actiontec by bridging the connection,and using a different router,You can also get the moca(coax) connection switched to ethernet for the internet connection,and then connect a different router to it.

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