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Intermittent connection problems

Intermittent connection problems

Copper Contributor okamichan13
Copper Contributor
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I just recently signed up for FIOS internet and having intermittent connection problems. It seems to occur mostly in the mid afternoon and my internet connection will suddenly go out, though FIOS tv is still working.


Resetting the router doesnt seem to work. The only thing that does is unplugging the wall unit and battery (the one connected to the outside box). That will bring back the connection and sometimes it will stay, sometimes I have to do the same thing a few minutes later.


I had read that I might be having these problems since my neighbor also has FIOS, but unsure how to resolve the issue.

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hey okamichan13, can you send us a private message with your home phone number so we can have a network tech take a look at your network.  Can please include a can be reach# so if we have to schedule a tech to come out we can verify when would be best for you.  How do you connect to the internet wireless or wired?

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Contributor slylett
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I am also having the same issue. This has been happening for about 3 months now. I thought it was my wireless router, but the fios connector to my main computer is also losing it's connection every few minutes. It loses the connection and comes back. It's very tedious and tiresome.

Contributor Artd33
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My first time using the blog.  I am also having intermittent connection problems, almost immediately after upgrading my internet account.  Since it appears someone from tech support reads this stuff, I'd sure like to get back to a "no problem" state.

Contributor sgbenne
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Ron - I'm having this problem too. Account phone number is {edited for privacy}. What ends up happening is that my VPN gets terminated because of the intermittent disconnections. I also have my own firewall machine - but it's not the issue.

Contributor netscout
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 I have the same problem - losing internet connection for 10-20 seconds at a time throughout the day.  Tried 3 times to resolve the issue through FIOS Tech Support.  DNS confirmed as the problem on the 2nd call but no record of any outages existed on the 3rd call.  Changed DNS to use Google DNS and OpenDNS with no changes.  Their technical support refused to confirm or deny that port 53 traffic was forced to internal DNS servers. 


 My VPN service is active with no issues which leads me to believe they are forcing port 53 traffic to their servers which are notorious for performance problems. 

MVP Smith6612 MVP
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Are you sure what you're seeing isn't an issue with the provided FiOS router (if you aren't using your own)? If Verizon were to toy with Port 53 or any related DNS traffic, I would be sure to notice in a very short amount of time. I use a 3rd party DNS provider as well as my web server for DNS.

Contributor tv1963
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Same problem here, Verizon Fios Internet is constantly shutting down causing me to re-open whatever I was on.

I hope Verizon finds out whatever the issue is, cause it is beginning to get very annoying. I left Optimum

since Verizon is known as a great company which provides its customers with great service. Well, so far

my Internet service since I had it is getting worse and I have had it now for about 2 almost 3 months. If Verizon

does not find out the problem causing so much trouble to everyone, I'm afraid they then that they are going

lose me as a customer.

Contributor wakerach
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I am also having the exact same problem. I did the speed test and the ping tests and everything comes back fine, but the connection goes out almost every 2 minutes. I've tried resetting the router, the set top box, everything. I'm starting to lose my mind! I am at a loss at what to do. 

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Perhaps small/tiny NAT table





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