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Internet Exployer Running in Stealth Mode

Internet Exployer Running in Stealth Mode

Copper Contributor Lynnda
Copper Contributor
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I seldom or never use Internet Exployer, however it loads itself and is running in the background.  I tried uninstalling it and it is like the monster who will not die.  Even in task manager I could not close it. There were 4 running once today.  The last check was 2 and one was ads running. It started when we updated to the 10G plan and since then we are going over 7 to 8.


When I went to my local store with this problem they were aware that my high useage was Internet Exployer.  They told me to shut m mifi off every time I was not using the net, because In Ex was running even if my pc was off.  Any ideas?  Has it happened to you too?


Cannot Verizon do something?  Maybe they don't care because they get paid more, a lot more when this happens.





Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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You can uninstall it yourself

Select Control panel

programs and features

windows features

uncheck Internet Explorer



Be aware that once uninstalled you can't use it without re-installing it - the procedure to re-install is as above just check th IEbox



Copper Contributor TwoTankAmin
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You do not need IE for anything, imo. I have used Windows and IE since 1990. But  I kicked IE 6 off my XP machine many years back and the first thing I did when I loaded Windows & onto this box a few years ago was to do the same thing to IE. For many years I used Firefox until they introduced the current GUI. I kicked them to the curb in favor of Pale Moon.


There are plenty of choices in browsers out there and there are still a few that do not track you. But, I avoid the big names like the plague. They are almost as invasive as the mobile carriers.



Copper Contributor Lynnda
Copper Contributor
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I use Firefox.  The problem is I cannot seem to remove Explorer from my pc.  I do not open it, it opens itself, and the only way I can get it off is to turn my computer off, hard.  I think that this is not just my problem and some people just don't know it yet.


It was first bought to my attention by a local store employee.  Also AVG will often pop up reports of heavy use by Explorer.  Since I had uninstalled that browser I couldn't figure what was going on.  $80 etra on my bill a month is upsetting.


Thanks for your imput.

Gold Contributor V Gold Contributor V
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A few points:


You're talking to users of Verizon's residential services here.  It seems like you're concerned about data usage on a wireless plan using a WiFi hot spot.  If you want to talk to users of Verizon's wireless services, visit their forums at http://www.verizonwireless.com/


Verizon (wired or wireless) doesn't support computers.  If you have issues with your computer, you can ask other uses in any of a number of forums, use Google to see if you can find similar issues and solutions or pay for support from any of a number of companies.


Finally, IE doesn't just eat cycles and download stuff in the background.  If you don't use it, it does nothing.  If you are detecting unexpected IE usage, chances are pretty good that your computer has a virus or malware.  Get a good Anti-Virus program and use it, always. Microsoft Security Essentials is an excellent, free option.


Good Luck.


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Copper Contributor Lynnda
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-03-2015
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Never heard of Pale Moon.  For a few more days I need IE as my Tax Program requires it. In fact I had to upgrade IE, ugh  When I am done with taxes then I will take my computer to an expert and have them completly erase IE. It seems like there are "layers" to IE and I couldn't find them all. 


My thoughts are this, Verizon knows something is going on, They are large enough to take on IE and stop this practice.  Do they not care because they get more money with these overages that they can collect?  


I will look into PM, it sounds interesting if nothing else.  Thanks for your good help. 



Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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To the OP:


It really sounds like you have a malware problem.  I have no problems ending all IE processes in task manager.  There is no such thing as stealth mode.


I do not understand your original post means about "7-8."  What service exactly are you referring to?  This is the FiOS Internet forum.

Copper Contributor Lynnda
Copper Contributor
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7-8G  I have the 10G plan and it is going over that much.  When I was at 4G I hardly ever went over. 


IE according to a local Verizon manager is doing things and using data even if your computer is off.  He told me to always turn off my mifi when I am done.  On the phone a tech suport told me to always turn off my mifi because they had the same problem in their home, until he did this.  When I mentioned IE he didn't say yes that it was them, but he did sort of grunt.


Thanks for your help



Copper Contributor Lynnda
Copper Contributor
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Guess I am dumber than dirt because I must be in the wrong forum because I have mifi.

Copper Contributor Lynnda
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-03-2015
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AVG keeps sending me popup notices about IE using huge amounts of data.  All this when I do not have IE open. I will go to the other site.


But verizon does know about this. Since it is coming in on their devices I think it is a Verizon problem.  It may be malware but I think it may be mining.  Just my thoughts. 

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