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Internet connection takes a while to initialize after PC booting/waking

Internet connection takes a while to initialize after PC booting/waking

Copper Contributor SteveSweetz
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I've had FIOS for about 6 months now and I've had this problem since the beginnning; it's not that big a problem, but I'd like to see if there's something I can do about it.


I have the MI424WR Gen3 router and my PC is directly connected to it via Cat5 cable.  The problem is that when I boot my PC or wake it from sleep mode, it takes a good 30-60 seconds before I have internet access. It's an annoyance because I run a few things at startup that want an internet connection, and they all give me errors about not having one due to the delay.


I presume this delay is related to my PC negotiating with the router - previously I had Comcast with no router and my PC directly connected to the cable modem and I had no such delay.  Once connected, I get great speeds and am otherwise happy with the service, I just wish I could do something about this delay.  Are there any router settings or Windows settings that will fix this?

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Do you have a different computer or laptop that is behaving the same way?


What OS and anti-virus programs do you have running?


Right after computer is available go to Command Prompt and type


ipconfig | more

and see if your computer is assigned an IP address (probably as default)


If no IP then type


ipconfig /renew


see how long it waits till you get the return back then type this to see the IP address.


ipconfig | more



Copper Contributor SteveSweetz
Copper Contributor
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I don't currently have anything else that I physically plug into the router; however, I have had two different desktops over the period that I've been on FIOS, and both had the problem.  My new PC is on a fresh install, nothing carried over from the old system.


OS is Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit and apart from manually running Windows Defender and Malware Bytes every now and then I do not use an anti-virus.  (I'm PC savvy and careful enough with my web browsing that it hasn't been a problem; plus I typically format and reinstall as a matter of practice every 6 months anyway.)


I'll try taking a look at how long it takes to get an IP address. I did try setting up a static IP address for my PC (and verified that it was reported as static on the router's page) and that sadly had no effect on the problem.  Still took a while before I had internet access.

Copper Contributor SteveSweetz
Copper Contributor
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I ran the ipconfig tests and sure enough I don't have an assigned IP address at boot. 


However, as mentioned assigning a static IP didn't seem to help.  That said, I only configured the static IP on the Windows side of things, I didn't touch the router settings - I'm not really sure what, if anything, I should do on the router side.

Copper Contributor SteveSweetz
Copper Contributor
Posts: 9
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Yay, solved the problem - sometimes it's the dumbest things.


So when I said I plug directly into my router, well, I don't plug directly into the router.  I have a battery backup and surge protection with ethernet surge protection.  I actually have my PC going into that first and then another cable from there to the router.


I tried connecting my PC directly to the router, and that did it, instant IP assignment and internet access.  So somehow my UPS was delaying IP assignment.


Given that both my PC and router get their power through the UPS and therefore shouldn't be able to be surged anyway, I'm presuming it was pretty redundant and silly of me  to have the ethernet cable going through the UPS - but the ports were there and I had spare cat 5 cables, so I figured I might as well use it.  That likely unnecessary level of protection is certainly not worth the annoyance of this delay.



Contributor timothycochran
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Wow, can't agree more. I had really fast older desktop by Gateway with lots of memory options. After I got everything reconnected after getting this PC. I ought this PC from Ebay at an incredible price. It worked great running windows 10, but came with preloaded Windoews. So what is my complaint ?

For several months everything was quick and efficient. Now it takes forever to start happen. I have Downloaded for a few free ware to rid of this stuff. Ran the program and found there were a few programs and registry items. I  unistalled several programs as well as junk files with this were very easy to find. I ran everything I was told to do as well a few other apps.The computer I s just the same. Epecially the connecting to he internet. No matter what browser  I used the connection took about 1minute before it even gets to the reboot display.

I know this is a long and complicated solutions I Hope one of the good guy's come in and Figure out why this as well as other sites to deal with crazy stuff.

I have tried all the ususal and some amazing apps. on the net but none seem to help.

Thank you for your posts. Had lots of good information you will find Tim msot cool and collected.

Thank you,Time to fight the inertnet beasts on my own.





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