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Internet connection turns on and off

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Internet connection turns on and off

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I have Verizon FIOS 25/5 internet.  I have multiple computers hooked up, 1 wired, and the rest wireless.  My problem occurs mostly when I turn on a computer and it joins the network.  At that point, other computers that are on the network are disconected from the internet with the exception of my wired pc, it stays connected, which tells me it might be a wireless problem.  I then have to disconect and then reconect the affected computers, sometimes multiple times, before they reconcect.  I have other items that use the internet such as 2 TIOV's, PS3, and a slingbox, most of which are using wired connections to the router.  They do not seem to be affected, or else I just don't notice that they are.  I am using the Verizon Ultra Line series 3 router.  Once all my computers are connected to the internet, things seem to be ok, but this on/off stuff is driving me nuts.  Any suggestions or should I call Verizon.


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