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Is 50/25 Quantum worth it for me?

Is 50/25 Quantum worth it for me?

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Hey all I need your opinion:


I recently upgraded to Quantum 50/25 on my Verizon fios internet. The main reason being that is was a great deal for an extra $10 per month through my contract, plus my wife works from home and uses the computer heavily during the day. 


The problem we have is after upgrading we haven't noticed any major increase in speed, and found this to be true by doing several speed test on the individual devices and they would be around 24/15 wireless , however wired it is exceeding at 60/35 download/upload.  I have tried my own router , I have tried changing channels etc... Is this the best speed I can get wireless?  Is it better to go back to 15/5 download upload? Just for reference when I had the 15/5 download/upload I would get exactly that via wireless on my devices but I am not currently able to achieve the 50/25 I am getting now. Is it worth to continue paying the $10 if I'm not getting those speeds via my wifi only set up?



 I am using a 100% wifi network with no wired computers.  I have a total of  3 phones , up to 3 laptops, a printer, occasionally DVD player and wii hooked to the network. I have the newer router with N capability from Verizon.  I am only able to use the B/G/N compatibility option as some devices will not connect if I select N network only. Security is set to WPA2  PSK- AES.  I have scanned the neighborhood and only have one other low signal wifi from neighbor in the area to affect any signal issue. I keep my router in a central room in the middle of the house high up on a cabinet with no known things for  interference close by. 

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I do have a secondary cisco router i could hook up and use that as the wireless one if need be, however when i tried this a couple times i have had nothing but problems but did have an initial boost in speed though .  I have the cisco linksys E -1000 with wireless N and 5 ghz option as well 

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The speed test numbers you are getting sound about right to me.  There are a number of factors that effect wireless speeds In my experience, and for reasons I don't fully understand, with a low speed package wireless speeds run pretty close to the package rates. But as the package speed increases the wireless speed will top out around 50%-60%. 


It sounds like you got about a 60% increase in wireless speed.  Along with a 400% increase in wired speed.  So, ignoring the speed test results,  the real question is whether or not you can see a difference in what you actually use your computer for.  If you can, Quantum is worth it.  Since you have it, try it for a month, then decide if it makes $10 worth of difference.

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