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Is 5Ghz WiFi Completely Broken for Anyone Else with G1100 Firmware

Is 5Ghz WiFi Completely Broken for Anyone Else with G1100 Firmware

Contributor kimmalpa2019
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Backstory...At my old apartment, I had FiOS 100/100 with coax coming out of the ONT. I had the coax going into the G1100, which I was using as a router only (both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks disabled), and I had a Netgear wireless router (unfortunately the badly reviewed r6700v2) attached to that in access point mode. At my new apartment, I have the same 100/100 service, but now have ethernet coming out of the ONT. I was messing around with just using the Netgear router and just using the G1100, to see which device performed better by itself. For some reason though, the 5Ghz network refuses to work on the G1100. It will not show up in my wireless networks list on devices like my iPad, even though its SSID is set to broadcast. I also can't connect to it manually.

I had this problem in the past, and I could usually fix it by changing the network name and then changing it back. That trick isn't working in this case though. I also tried various channels, disabling/re-enabling, toggling the band steering feature (I think it's called self organizing network in the UI) on and off (it was off before, and I want it to be off), and nothing is fixing it. The G1100 was also already reset a couple times, before I tried to get it working this latest time.

Is anyone else running into a similar problem? My version details are below.

Firmware Version:

Hardware Version: 1.03

UI Version: v1.0.388

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When SON is enabled there should only be one SSID for example FiOS-XXXXX. When SON is disabled you should see both FiOS-XXXXX and FiOS-XXXXX-5G. 

If SON is disabled and and you are not seeing the 5G network it is possible there is a bug with that firmware version. If so then hopefully it will be fixed soon. 

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