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Is FIOS Internet slow?

Is FIOS Internet slow?

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I noticed a significant degradation in speed with my FIOS 15/5 connection recently. Has anyone else experienced this? Ever since I got their TV service and gave me this crappy Actiontec router internet service hasn't been the same. Also, sometimes I get pages up and other times I don't regardless of browser (IE or Firefox) I use. I've been told it's this cheap router and their recent TV upgrade that messed up everything. It may be time to change service provider if Verizon doesn't get its act together soon. It's very frustrating when your bill is almost $300 a month for most bundled services (Internet, TV, Phone, Cell), and Verizon doesn't seem to care about alleviating the situation. Verizon can you please look into why my internet speed that I am "paying" for is NOT as you claim it is and charge me huge amount for?
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Have you run spyware and adware programs to see if there may be a hidden culptit?. Have you run any system cleanup utilities like CCleaner, to get rid of unnecessary clutter? Have you called Verizon tech support to discuss your issue? How is your download/upload speeds via a speedtest?


There may be better routers than the Actiontec. There are certainly worse. I have had the Actiontec for several years and have been very satisfied. Any performance issues I may have had were PC related, not router. Many times, slow loading of pages is a function of the browser or the server or a poorly maintained computer.

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Check you speed using this site:


It has a cool GUI interface and seems to be dead on with the measurements.  This mesuared my 10/2 and later 20/5 accurately.  If you are not getting the speed you paid for you should contact tech support.  Bear in mind that wireless is not going to give you the same speed as wired.

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I am seeing a bit of slowness on my 15/2 line here in Carrollton, TX. It's been a few days now and I consistenly get between 10-11mbit down and 1.4mbit up.
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I've noticed the slowness also.  Shouldn't Verizon do something about it? 
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I have the 20/5 and am able to constantly pull 2.5 - 3 MB/s (equivalent to the 20Mb) for extended periods of time.  This is usually if i'm getting a Linux iso from an FTP site or something.
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Location: Flower Mound, Texas
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And I thought it was just me.  I usually power cycle everything and it's OK then.  But if what y'all are seeing is what I am, everything is fine, then all of a sudden, no matter what browser, loading pages just dies and usually ended up with either a network time out or server response error (can't remember which).  I've noticed it may be 10 seconds or 10 minutes later that everything clears up and starts popping again.


We've got 15/2 (about to be converted to the new bundle which includes 20/5) and usually see good speeds, but that doen't show the whole picture.  I will however, be glad if we do actually get better up stream speeds.  Better downstream will be a bonus though.

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Location: Flower Mound, Texas
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For comparison testing, you cna also try
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I have had the same issues in Virginia. I called Verizon tech support and we found the transmission rate in the Actiontec router was incorrectly set to 54. I have no idea what this means, but it solved my problem. I have an iMac and pc. Sometimes the Mac cannot find the router. I then change channels on the router and it works fine for awhile, but then requires another reset. Automatic channel selector is the worst setting. No problem with the pc. I agree, there must be better routers out there than the Actiontec supplies by Verizon.
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Do you know where to look in the actiontec to see the transmission rate?  Now I'm curious if this might explain slowness in my speed as well.  Thanks.
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