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Is it me or youtube being slow at times?

Is it me or youtube being slow at times?

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I watch 360p when videos I can see good enough other times I do 1080P on youtube and I lag even on 360p so is just me that youtube is slow times or are other people getting slow at youtube sometimes to. I watch on wire since my laptop is somewhat broken even than same thing on my laptop sometimes like on the wired desktop.

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Copper Contributor photonslowgame
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I've had poor youtube performance for months.

Contributor kuunami
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There seems to be some issue between youtube and Fios because it's fine on other computers of friends and family who have other services. And other than youtube, my connection is perfect, download speeds are great and other video site play smoothly. Disappointing because youtube is the main thing that I do online it was fine a few days ago before I switched from Comcast to Fios.

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Silver Contributor IV
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I am having no problems with You tube using I.E.8 and windows XP.

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It's certainly a YouTube issue not so much a Verizon issue. CDNs are complex things that take a ton of time to explain. Considering one of these threads pop up each week I need to make a guide for that. Either way, if you're not seeing it on other providers, see if the download rate is inconsistent. The problem may be happening on other providers but to a lesser extent.

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Bronze Contributor II
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I have been using mozilla for a long time and nothing else or chrome sometimes but its good to see that I am not the only one having problems with youtube.

Copper Contributor gbfraz
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I first noticed this several months ago, maybe Oct 2012?  Youtube has been fine but then I started to experience lag, or the players downloading slower than the video wants to play, especially when in HD.  I experience this on my PC, Android Tablet, PS3, and Tivo.  All other internet functionally in all those devices are totally fine, including Netflix.  I dont totally mind having to watch in SD instead of HD (but I really prefer HD!) if I have to but I tend to watch youtube over my Tivo or PS3 more than anything else while using the Android app as a remote control.  Doing it this way doesnt seem to give you any way of playing Youtube in anything other than its highest format which is generally HD.  So I experience the lag like crazy or I just get frustrated and not bother watching at all.  So is Fios slowing down all youtube connections?  If not, what else could be my problem??

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I've experienced similar slow speed problems on YouTube. Only on YouTube.  It occurs when I am viewing popular videos or during the evening.  Same videos in the early morning are fine.  I suspect the problem is that the YouTube servers are being overloaded.  This was be more apparent during certain times and vary with the content.

Contributor andyjai
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I am having same issue for weeks, but not just youtube. Every evening I will have random slow down to different sites and after 1-2am it will be back to full speed. I asked my friend that also use FIOS to test his youtube and he can stream HD videos with no problem. I contacted Verizon and they said there is a problem in Los Angeles and they are still trying to fix it.

Copper Contributor Customerfromva
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FIOs is So slow now.  We can't even get images to load - it takes 5 minutes per pages to see a page of pictures on ebay or catalog shopping sites.  Forget about uploading to Flickr.  It's ridiculous.   We have to use our non-verizon phones to get our email sometimes because FIOS just hangs and hangs and so slow.   It's just stupid sloooow.   We are looking into switching to COX.


BTW, I ran the speed test on Verizon.com and the down load speed of .56mbs (point 56 mbs not 56 mbs).  Then when I loaded the optimization tool that Verizon offers my Norton Anti Virus analized it and warned it was UNSAFE and deleted the tool.   So this is what we are dealing with and it **bleep** me off when I see ads on TV with Verizon braggin about FIOS high speed internet and TV.   This is reality.

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