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Is it me or youtube being slow at times?

Is it me or youtube being slow at times?

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Gold Contributor II
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@Customerfromva wrote:

FIOs is So slow now.  ..... We are looking into switching to COX.

I left COX for FIOS.  FIOS is much faster. 

Copper Contributor Customerfromva
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My old dial up connection was faster than the FIOS service we have now.

Contributor ohhVerizon
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you may want to disable your anti-virus just to install the optimizer. It does help.


But it may not be your solution. It only helped me when I first had FIOS installed. I'm also getting extremely low DL speeds  <1 mbps

Contributor Netmask
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I just switched to FIOS from Cox.  Youtube is slow and freezes with my fios connection.  I never had this happen with Cox.  I used a Sprint air card, and my streams were fine.  Either FIOS is throttling Youtube, or they have some network engineering issues.  Oh ya, all of the other sites I have used so far on FIOS do not seem to have any of the Youtube problems. 

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There are thousands of reports of this.

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it's youtube, sometimes it faster than other times.


that's the price of having a highly popular multi media streaming site, that caters to the entire planet *except egypt*

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Platinum Contributor III
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do a test.


go to google.


type 'youtube comcast problems'

see the results. 


then do the same google search but substitute comcast with nearly every provider name you can think of.  


be amazed

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I have an issue with You Tube buffering..i have 75/35 fios internet,and HD You Tube videos skip and buffer horribly..i have reset my tv with no improvement,..tv and computer both hard wired to router..router updated by technician 1/13..not impressed with fios..please help

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Same exact issue here. 75/35 internet. Live in Chesapeake, Virginia. Buffering is horrible. The site is almost unusable at this point.


Where do you live?


I just got off the phone with a level 3 support agent, and she said there is a reported outage somewhere on the lines that was reported on the 7th, and she said it might be related to my videos streaming issue. Said it should be resolved within the next week and if not to call back.


She gave me an outage number that supposedly I can reference when I call back: {edited for privacy}


If I was you, I would definitely contact support and ask to speak to a level 3 network/line support technician and explain everything, so hopefully it will raise awareness. Maybe it is related to this, but if not, it seems a lot of people are having issues with YouTube either way.

Contributor JKBRENT
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I have been having this problem ever since switching to Verizon several months ago. It is only with YouTube and no other site with video. Not news sites or other entertainment media sites. There is just some kinf of issue with Verizon and YouTube. And, I don't believe it is a technical issue either...lol

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