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Is it me or youtube being slow at times?

Is it me or youtube being slow at times?

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Here are instructions for doing it in the Actiontec Router, with Both bad IP address ranges 




  • Log into your FIOS Router

  • Click Firewall Setting (at top)

  • Click Yes to proceed

  • Click Advanced Filtering (on left)

  • Click Add on the broadband connection rules you have setup (either coax or ethernet). You can check which one yours uses by going to My Network (up top) and clicking Network Connections (on left), look for the one that says connected.

  • Change Source address to User Defined in the drop down list

  • Enter a description (i.e. Youtube Throttling)

  • Click Add under items

  • Change Network Object Type toa IP Range

  • Enter in the From IP Address

  • Enter in the To IP Address

  • Click Apply

  • Click Add under items

  • Change Network Object Type to IP Range

  • Enter in the From IP Address

  • Enter in the To IP Address

  • Click Apply

  • Click Apply again

  • Click Reject under the Operation drop down list

  • Click Applya

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That solution worked for me (at least so far!) Thanks for the info!!

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it works for me as well 🙂

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OMG! YouTube is unusable with fios. When my contract expires I'll go back to cablevision.
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This was working for me last week but not this week...any solutions?

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I point to





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@Hubrisnxs wrote:

@lingod12 wrote:

I have been noticing this issue more and more lately.  Especially in the last week.  I have run multiple ping plotters and they always point to the same server.   google-gw.customer.alter.net  This is a verizon server as far as I can tell and NOT a google server.  I will be calling tomorrow to speak with tech support and give them the plethora of data I have accumulated through the ping plotters all pointing to this server.  This is unsatisfactory, Verizon needs to rectify this problem ASAP!





This is a Google Peering point, that they set up with Verizon and paid for.   So they called verizon, said they need access to the network, this is how much bandwidth they will need, and verizon set it up according to googles requirement.   IOW they are Verizon Customers too. 


If google is getting hammered, or experiencing difficulty on their network, you will see it represented in higher ping times, and latency and jitter.  They need to increase their bandwidth.  



Google is acting just like you in this scenario.  They are calling up verizon as a customer and saying sign me up for xyz.  Verizon sets it up.   


Now if you start downloading and pushing more traffic than your network can handle with the price plan you purchased, what do you do?  you call and ask for more, or you make adjustments to your network to compensate.   Same thing here. 


 Also, here is a permalink to a similar discussion that outlines what you are seeing in more detail. 

If it were just higher ping times, latency, and jitter I wouldn't really mind but with a consistent 55%-85% packet loss every single day from around 10am to 2am it is not acceptable.

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Change your device and router's DNS to Google DNS. YouTube does fake streaming using http and most likely calls different servers to load different sections of the video. If your DNS is slow then there's going to be a wait untl the name is resolved. HD streams would probably take lots of calls back the the source servers and it's likely either the router hardware is too slow or Verizion's DNS servers need better load balancing. 


Google DNS is set up already for high capacity calls so once you change over, the buffering would probably stop. It worked perfectly for me and even sped up regular browsing. 



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Just wanted to say that nynestor's suggestion did not resolve the issue for me. Also, I'd be weary about using Google's DNS.


If you want the absolute best DNS performance, swing over to Steve Gibson's (a very well-known security expert) website and download his free DNS server performance benchmarking tool to identify the best DNS servers for optimal performance: http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm

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I have to tell you guys this issue didn't just start yesterday and does seem to hit fios users the hardest very frustrating but...........I received a phone call from my brother tonight asking me to go onto youtube and I asked why and he said youtube has been doing nothing but buffering for him and he is a comcast user about 5 min down the road from me! So maybe we are not as alone as I once thought !!! Although, the other day when I couldn't even load a 240p video and the same video would run at my neighbors in 720p just fine and he is a comcast user!..............I really don't know what to make of this anymore. But someone VERIZON/GOOGLE SOMEONE HELP!!!

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