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Is it possible to wirelessly connect additional user router to Actiontec MI424WR Rev I ?

Is it possible to wirelessly connect additional user router to Actiontec MI424WR Rev I ?


I just had FIOS service installed and received an Actiontec MI424WR Rev I router. I was happy to see it had two USB ports I thought I could use like my previous router, but I was disappointed to find out the USB ports on the MI424WR don't work.


My old router is a Sapido GR-1222, an inexpensive one I bought  a couple of years ago with many features only found in higher priced routers. It has 2 USB ports, I used one for a USB printer and the other one for USB HD for storage and as a DLNA server.


I want to know if it's possible to connect my old router (wirelessly preferably) to the Actiontec and still be able to use the USB features on the old router.


Thanks for any info.

Silver Contributor IV

You won't be able to connect your router to the Actiontec wirelessly unless your router supports wireless bridging.

You can however use a wired connection.  See the following FAQ:

Can I use my wireless or an extra router along with the Verizon provided router?


Thanks for the reply. I did see the instructions for the wired options at the dslreports site, but I could not find info on connecting wirelessly.


Don't know much about this, how do I check if the old router supports wireless bridging?

In the settings for WAN Interface I have Ethernet port, wireless and 3.5G USB dongle.

WAN Access Type: Static IP, DHCP Client, PPPoE and PPTP


In Wireless Mode settings I have: AP, Client, WDS and AP + WDS.

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Client mode may just do it. Setting it up as a client to connect to the Actiontec. You may not get the fastest speeds on the wireless. Depending on the modes it will run being an older wireless router. You may not be happy with the drive access over wireless, but a printer may be ok.


I would not believe an older router would support wireless bridging. Most routers just act as a Wireles access point. You would need the router to run in a bridged mode to act like another PC or device connecting to the Actiontec wirelessly. There are wireless access points that will do this and extend a network wirelessly, but most routers are configured for inbound wireless connections only.


I have an Access Point that has one lan and antennas. It can be configure either way. If I remember it was about $100 or so and has a fairly powerfull 300N dual channel connection.

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Platinum Contributor II
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The router just needs WDS Client Bridge support in the software in order to connect to the ActionTec Wirelessly and it needs to be able to support the WPA2 encryption of the Rev. I to connect as well. Wireless B routers (which are very, very old units now) won't support this. Ideally, if you're looking to set it up as an additional Access Point to the Rev I or are looking for some high speeds on the network to that router you're best going Ethernet.

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