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Issue with SON Setting and Extenders

Issue with SON Setting and Extenders

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Issue with SON Setting and Extenders

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Hi everyone,


Hope you are all having a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.


I am been having some issues with my overall internet performance with my fios network extenders that I was hoping someone could help with.


* How many FIOS network extenders are you allowed on your FIOS network? I have the latest FIOS Gateway Router and the latest FIOS MOCA extenders - I have a total of 4 extenders throughout the house


* Issue with SON setting - I know this is supposed to bond the EXT frequencies from the extenders into the main router name - and then it determines whether 2.4 or 5 ghz perfomance. When turning on from the FIOS page I get an error but refresh page and shows it is enabled - however it feels like my overall internet performance is worse...


* I turn SON off and I connect to the EXT frequency and stand next to one of my extenders... I would expect a full signal but my phone shows 2-3 bars and when I do a network performance I might get 250 mbs... sometimes 100.. or it goes down to 50 mb.. I would expect closer to around 250 mb or higher given i am standing right next to the extender I am conenct to.


I have tried resetting the ONT multiple times as well as the main router but it doesnt seem to do much.


Any help would be appreciated as I am scratching my head as given the extenders all enabled via MOCA I would expect full house coverage.


Maybe the better answer is to go with the new router + extenders.. but that is a 700+ investment etc..



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