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Issue with home structured wiring.

Issue with home structured wiring.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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So I've had the FiOS hooked up for a couple weeks now.

Guy came in and had to split the cat5 feed that came into my wiring cabinet from the building wiring closet.  The builder didn't run 2 and he needed to seperate data from voice.

As he hooked it up, the 2-wire split went into they gray block in the cabinet and that got all my phone lines working. The other 6 wires went into the fios router and then all the data cables that go to each room were plugged directly into the router.

This was great, all my data ports in the rooms were connected to the router and in my office I was able to plug a switch into the wall and connect all my computers up.

Everything was peachy...well except for wireless reception.

We live in a stacked townhouse, essentially a 2-story condo so someone lives in the 2 floors below me which puts the router is 2 floors below my living levels.  The wireless reception was terrible.  My desktop is pulling 19kbps/4.8kbps and my laptop was pulling 3kbps/1.2kbps

So, I pulled the router out of the cabinet and replaced it with the switch I had in the office, an 8-port SMC with an uplink port, which I used for the data feed.  I put the router in my office and plugged it up.

Now my two laptops are pulling down at 14-16kbps and pushing up 4.6kbps.

The problem is now my data ports in the rest of the house aren't getting a signal.  The ports they are connected to in the basement switch are lit, but they aren't getting net access from the router.

I had tried a different switch without an uplink port and I had the same results.

Any ideas what I should do?
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 31
Registered: ‎01-24-2009
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I'm brain dead...I put the fios router back downstairs after disabling the wireless.  then I just put a linksys wap54g upstairs on the network.  Now all my wireless devices are getting better speed then when the fios router was up here and all my in-wall drops are working.
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