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Issues with Matching Upload Speed Compaign and Customer Service

Issues with Matching Upload Speed Compaign and Customer Service

Copper Contributor btuber
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I had an extremely annoying interaction with Verizon support folks last Saturday, about your upload equals download campaign, which has been in our faces on TV for the last little bit.

I personally have always wanted upload speeds that match download speeds, and have actually been paying Verizon extra for that for a number of years now. So when I saw the campaign I figured that if Verizon is offering this to other customers for free, since I was already paying for it maybe I could get something too, like a slightly lower rate, or higher speed for the same cost.

Instead, after being bounced around to a couple of people over about half an hour on the phone, I was essentially told that I had made a 2 year commitment to my current rate, and I was basically out of luck, and that your faster upload speed campaign did not apply to me.

I was annoyed, but decided to leave it alone. Then yesterday I got an email from Verizon which said:

"As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the support and services our customers need, you have been selected to participate in a Verizon Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We are interested in your opinions about your recent experience with Verizon. Your responses are important to help us continue to improve our processes and better serve you.

To participate in this survey, Please click here"

Great! A chance to give some feedback. So I clicked, and was taken to a page which said:

"We're sorry....
We are not able to process, Please check the request."

Now I am really ticked off. You put TV ads all over the place saying I can get an upload speed boost, and then tell me not really, and then ask me what I think about that interaction, and when I try to answer you again say not really

I have been a Verizon customer for years, first DSL for internet, and then switched from Comcast to a triple play when FIOS became available in my area. My perception is that Verizon has offered a technically better product, but has billing and customer service that is among the worst of any vendors I do business with. And in the past the pricing has provided value, but now Verizon seems to be milking its customers, and basically doesn't care. So I am actively considering switching my family's cell phone plan away from Verizon Wireless (yes, I've been there too) and looking at any other alternatives to my triple play service, which I just renewed a couple of months ago, even if I have to pay cancellation fees.

Copper Contributor avvett4us
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same here sent me a survey link 2 times that goes nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!

Copper Contributor MattinNJ
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Ditto for me on all accounts.  I have 150/35 and am not 'eligible' for the 'free upgrade.  I've posted on Twitter (note: @VerizonSupport is 100% useless, don't waste one second of your time!) and done the entire chat thing too... talking to supervisor... blah blah blah... "Sir, your free upgrade will be $40 more a month."  Genius!  The entire SpeedMatch campaign is false advertising.


Also, got the survey email and then a reminder email.  Clicked the link and "We're sorry.... We are not able to process, Please check the request."


But, but, but... I recently got an email, since I am such a loyal customer and all, that I had a gift waiting for me for joining My Rewards+.  So I clicked the link to get my reward... and I got.... wait for it.... 50, yes F I F T Y, My Rewards points added to my account.  Now all I need is 9,830 more points and I'll be able to redeem my points for a $5 gift card to Korvettes, Bamberger's, Hahne's, or Two Guys.  All is right in the world!

Contributor Lohocla
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I just got my "upgrade" as well.   


Used to get 25/5, supposed to get 25/25 and instead I get 25/14ish.


Go figure.  

Copper Contributor avvett4us
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Well I now have faster uplink speed = about 25meg, but now downlink is 10-11meg.  Whod of thought?

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