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It won't let me connect to the internet wirelessly!

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I am having a problem connecting to my router/modem wirelessly.




Model Number:MI424WR


I tried disabling WEP and enabling it as well but I still can't connect wirelessly. I tried rebooting my router/modem and my computer but it still won't help me. I checked everywhere in my sever to find errors but nothing came up. I can connect to the internet in my PC but any other wireless devices cannot connect to the internet wirelessly.



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Re: It won't let me connect to the internet wirelessly!

It's pretty simple. Search for the SSID on the sticker on the back of the router. Click connect and enter the 10 digit hexidecimal WEP key.
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Re: It won't let me connect to the internet wirelessly!

Does your PC use a wireless utility software or Windows Services? Do you get any messages? Does your PC wireless pick up any networks at all?

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Re: It won't let me connect to the internet wirelessly!



I was having the same problem. Got it to work by going into the properties of the wireless connection and hard coding the IP, DNS, and WINS addresses. These can be obtained by logging into the Verizon modem via the wired connection, or from one of you other wirelessly connected computers (don't use the same IP address as another computer though. Add 1 to the last node). Anyway, once I did that, the connection worked fine. I am very pleased with it. It's blazing fast.


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