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Lag again.......stuttering and disconnections.

Lag again.......stuttering and disconnections.

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I've had it with Verizon. I am on the brink of getting the internet service cut off. The TV, however, can stay. I posted a few issues (Lag spikes and latency issues) that have been all related to latency. I have called several times to verizon customer support about the issue. Most of them do not know what the issue is, where it is coming from, or how to even fix it. I've been doing some tests in Pingtest.com and I keep noticing that I lose about a packet or two and sometimes I can get 1% packet loss. I have seen another thread called Packet Loss by pjvent7777. An online game on my network can show stuttering and disconnection from games as well as Xbox live party chats. I have gone through Xbox customer support to open a  few ports but the problem still persists. I have had three technicians who have looked at the issue and cannot fix it at all. One said he would probably use an ethernet connection to the ONT, one said to just go hardwired (btw, the issue still happens when connected hardwired), and one said to move the router someplace else. I would like to know if these results look normal:



|                                      WinMTR statistics                                   |

|                       Host              -   %  | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |


|          Wireless_Broadband_Router.home -    0 |  512 |  512 |    1 |    3 |   24 |    2 |

|    L100.NYCMNY-VFTTP-92.verizon-gni.net -    0 |  512 |  512 |    7 |   11 |  106 |   34 |

| G0-11-4-0.NYCMNY-LCR-22.verizon-gni.net -    1 |  509 |  508 |    7 |   11 |   53 |    9 |

|so-5-0-0-0.NY5030-BB-RTR1.verizon-gni.net -    0 |  512 |  512 |    7 |   19 |  169 |   13 |

|           0.xe-5-0-1.XT1.NYC9.ALTER.NET -    0 |  512 |  512 |   10 |   18 |  142 |   12 |

|           0.so-1-0-1.XT1.NYC4.ALTER.NET -    1 |  509 |  508 |    9 |   16 |  119 |   51 |

|       TenGigE0-4-2-0.GW8.NYC5.ALTER.NET -    0 |  512 |  512 |   10 |   13 |   52 |   13 |

|            google-gw.customer.alter.net -    2 |  490 |  484 |   11 |   60 |  119 |   65 |

|                  -    0 |  512 |  512 |   10 |   19 |  141 |   48 |

|                  -    0 |  512 |  512 |   10 |   12 |   33 |   13 |

|                lga15s34-in-f8.1e100.net -    1 |  509 |  508 |   10 |   12 |   29 |   14 |


   WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider


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Something is seriously wrong with Verizon FiOS. There are just too many people having these issues. Out of curiosity are you in an apartment building contracted to Verizon or a single family house?


I have similar issues with mine. My ping is too high to game online. My internet on my PC and Mac work fine, and the TV service is fine, but once I start gaming on my PS3 (hardwired) by ping rates (which vary from 40-70, usually around 45ms) is just too slow to compete in any meaningful fashion.

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Bronze Contributor I
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A single house. There are many wireless access points so I tried switching to the preferred channel that was not being used much. For me, it was 11 but that did not change anything, though.

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> I've had it with Verizon. I am on the brink of getting the internet service cut off.


I feel your pain, and we’re in the same boat; after having been on FIOS from the moment it became available here (2008 or a bit before), we’re already looking to move back to Comcast, as we’re now so fed up with the unbelievably degraded service, lack of proper customer service, not to mention paying out more in money (considering our package) than we have been receiving in service for some months now.


Not trying to get off on a huge tangential rant here, though it seems appropriate I share this for the benefit of any others experiencing the same issues.  Oh, and by the way, your numbers look better than ours do; not to say yours are great (they’re not)…Just that ours are ludicrous.  If I were an avid online gamer, the latency alone would have pushed me to another service months ago.


The quality of our Internet connection has been going steadily down the drain, starting around the end of last year.  Besides not being able to do any large downloads (or even surf the web) while simultaneously watching Netflix (doing so drops the stream quality visibly; it goes from medium-quality to low…And I can walk over to a friend’s house who has cable, and they still get streams in at X-High/High, just as we used to), things are now at the point where what used to take minutes takes hours – e.g., downloading a 4.3GB ISO of (insert linux-distro-here) over FIOS is now one of those tasks I have to start at night and generally it’s completed by morning (!).  I feel like I’m back on an ISDN (hah).


To pre-empt questions, we use wired connections, all the cabling was done professionally (and I recently had all the ethernet cabling re-tested by a technician), and the only machines connected to the network in our single-family home are two (2) MSOS workstations (one is a laptop, and isn’t always connected), and two (2) Linux workstations, again, one being a laptop (and not always connected).  That, and a PS3.


I personally have over a dozen years in the IT field (trained in POTS, CTI, etcetera – while I don’t do cabling for a living, I know the specs of the different categories, for example); that said, I also had a friend of mine who has been doing networking and security for the Feds for about a decade go over things here, so it is safe to say that nothing on ‘my’ side of the wall/CPE is an issue.


We’re paying for 25/15, and per every test – even the one on Verizon’s site – are getting an average of about 5/3.  Not that I mind paying for services…However, I *do* take issue with paying for services which are not being rendered (or which are rendered one-fifth, at best).  The first Verizon rep I spoke with had the gall to say “Perhaps you should upgrade to a faster package”  -- I nearly lost my cool. 


While I’ve not been able to get through to what I’d consider even L1 support, fast-forward to yesterday: the last conversation I had with a Verizon rep (who, naturally, wouldn’t even put me through to a technician, only putting me on hold while she spoke with them), this time, I had my friend sit in on this conversation with them on speaker phone:  he’d brought a brand-new laptop with him, and as he is far more hands-on networking than I am these days, he’s an excellent **bleep** detector. 


I was as polite as possible, given that we’ve been paying outrageous amounts of money versus services rendered, only to be told they would send me a new Actiontec.  We pointed out that even the CLI tools demonstrated the massive slowdowns to be directly *after* the Actiontec here; I even logged in to the router itself and used their diagnostic tool to ping Verizon.net, Google, Yahoo, etcetera, with the ping number set to 100.  All had packet loss, all showed lags maxing out circa 150-190 ms.  She offered to send another Actiontec out.


Before the conversation was over, I finally just came out and said “Does Verizon actually have any interest in customer retention?”


After a pause, she briefly muttered “Sorry” – incredulously, I repeated the question, and after a longer pause, she said “yes”.  And then she rushed me off the phone, and that was that.


So, after having been a FIOS customer since at least 2008, they have finally dropped their quality of service so low that we’re left with no choice but to switch services…Which should serve as an answer to whether or not customer retention is important to them.


Again, pardon the rant, however, the point is that we’ve spent the last few months being jerked around and given poor service…All the while, still making payments to Verizon like clockwork.  I just hope others experiencing the same runaround while being billed aren’t as foolish as we’ve been:  switch sooner rather than later.


Oh:  Spoiler Alert – replacing their router did *not* fix the problem.   Imagine my utter lack of surprise.


End of rant, and I just hope this proves informative/helpful to others.







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I have had the same issue for 3months now. Gamers see it more as we depend on the constant stream. Or Skype users...


Anyway, in most of the forum posts that have to do with our same issue, those people resolve it by getting them to replace the PON card at the local office. But they will do everything in their ability to waste their and your time by sending out techs to the home multiple times to do it.


Today, I have a tech coming to 'clean' my fiber optic lines... THEN AND ONLY THEN after three months will they put in a ticket in to have the PON card replaced.


I've had the following:

ONT box replaced.

3 Routers

Tested coax lines

removed all spliters

replaced wall coax barrels

3 Tech visits (only the first did the work above)

I've jumped through the hoop and called MS LIVE, Skype, Netflix support to see if it is on their end. It isn't.


Symptoms: A lag in service for 4-5 seconds where no data comes through. Solid green light on the Internet (globe) part of the router. I then lose connection to any streaming service (which is all I use).


My work hours (which are expensive), their techs coming out (which I imagine isn't cheap) and hours and hours logged on the phone and online chat support. I had a Xfinity guy come by the house last week. I did take his card.


Good luck.

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