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Laptop can't connect to ANY Verizon wireless router

Laptop can't connect to ANY Verizon wireless router

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I have a wierd problem.  My Toshiba laptop can't connect to my Verizon (or any other Verizon router) router unless I am in the same room as the router.  I checked the SSID, key and everything.  It says the signal strength is excellent ans 100% strong but I have no access to the internet.  It is wierd because as soon as I leave the room, I can't connect to the internet but I'm still "connected" to the router.  I can even be standing just outside of the door and still no internet.  I have another router in my home (LinkSys) and my laptop connects fine.  I went to my friend's house and its the exact same situation.  I have other wireless devices at home that can connect fine so I don't know what could be.  I have changed channels, keys, disconnected the phone in the room, still no success.


Could somebody please shed some light.

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My first suggestion is to check if there is an upgrade available on the wireless card drivers.



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Thats a strange one. If I understand correctly. The laptop will connect when your in the same room right? Works fine. Then if you leave the room it will no longer allow you to browse the internet even though the computer still says that you are connected. Does the signal level drop when you leave the room? (make sure to refresh the network list to verify the signal level). And other computers connect fine from outside the room? Thats a wierd one. Well, you said you have a linksys router that it connects to fine? Well the simple solution would be to daisy chain the linksys to the Verizon router and then not worry about it. Of course that doesnt tell you what the problem is but it at least gets you online. Other than that, I'm stumped. I've never heard of a distance issue that wasnt related to the signal strengh before.


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The signal strength remains strong even when I leave the room.  I have my other LinkSys router chained to the verizon router but due to location in the house, the signal is slow.  And like I said, it happens at my friend's house who also has verizon.  Totally wierd.
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