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Re: Laptop won't connect to internet, using FIOS wireless router/modem - works on other networks

Do you have the 802.11n Verizon / Actiontec router (also know as rev I)?


I just troubleshot a WiFi problem in my home today.  Some devices that that had previously worked didn't anymore.  Even when close to the router.  I soon figured out the 802.11 devices didn't work as well as the 802.11b/g only devices.  I set the router to b/g only mode, and then all the connections were solid.


Of course, I wanted to get 802.11n working to enjoy faster speeds on the devices that support it, so I switched the router back to 802.11b/g/n (compatibility mode).  For some reason, this appears to have fixed the problem.  Everything is working as it was.  And this was after several reboots of the router.


Maybe this will work for you.


Good luck.


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