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Line is down, web support is no help

Line is down, web support is no help

Contributor BoruRR
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Hi, How do we report a line down? As in the FiOS cable is sitting on the ground.

Website just keeps giving me the run around,


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Platinum Contributor III
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Verizon's Telephone Support should do the trick. Just report to them that the Fiber line has fallen down and they should be able to send a tech out to place it back where it should be.

Contributor andyworl
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I would be surprised if that line goes up within the next 9 months. I have a Verizon line down in my backyard (no Verizon services other than wireless phones) now for 9 months.

I have called and reported it...for, well, 9 months. I had to relocate from my home for 2.5 months because Dominion had to determine if it were their line. 

I hooked the line up to the secondary line with the hook. I was instructed to do this with a verizon operator...to whom I mentioned if I die, I want you to witness it.


The line came down on my head today. I called the State Corporation Commission of VA - they deal directly with Verizon Residential. No one from VZ called me after the SCC called them. I reported the downed line as an emergent call with VZ tonight. They said it was 'hazardous' and to stay away from it. Never got a ticket number. THEN I called the non-emergency police line who dispatched the fire dept. They confirmed there were amps running throught this old VZ line and I should not mess with it. I would receive a shock - probably not fatal - but injury would occur. 


I called back VZ demanding to have a time frame as I have already had to move out of my house and now I have to miss work (my dogs are not going outside). They said between 8-5. For a hazardous situation, that was deemed hazardous by the first representative and the Fire Dept???? 


the representative in tech, JONATHAN (if I recall correctly) was rude and demeaning. He actually said "IT IS NOT ELECTRIFIED- I KNOW VERIZON CABLE AND THE TECHNOLOGY HAS NOT CHANGED IN THE PAST 8 YEARS."  That is not good news for Verizon Fios subsrcibers. Then he told me the same things over and over again...I told him I would have the SCC complaint and the FERC pole to pole agencies look into this (probably levying a heavy fine). Then I asked his name and he hung up on me.


Now I have been on hold for 20 mins...

THANK YOU VERIZON RESIDENTIAL...for the outstandting customer service, care, due diligence and negligence you have provided.

@Smith6612 wrote:

Verizon's Telephone Support should do the trick. Just report to them that the Fiber line has fallen down and they should be able to send a tech out to place it back where it should be.

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Employee Emeritus
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     I apologize for the repeated troubles and hassles this has caused you to go through. We will definitely take care of this. I have sent you a private message to get more information from you regarding the location.


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