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I was having problems with my previous GEN1 router when trying to connect several new devices (including a wireless printer, a TV, a Wii U, and a blu-ray player). Talking with tech support they said they would send me the latest GEN3 router to fix my problems.


My question is: Is there actually a GEN3 router? Was the tech support mistaken or did I not get sent the wrong device?


Is there a difference in features? I was promised 802.11n, gigabit ethernet, and extended range.





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Re: MI424WR-GEN2, F

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Yes, there is a Gen3 router.  It is also know as rev I.  It has 802.11n and gigabit Ethernet.  You can read more about at the following links:






Note that I've not had good experience with the range on this router.  It is faster, however it doesn't cover my home as well as my old 802.11g router did.  I've had to move it from my preferred location in my basement to a more central location in my home.  High gain antennas didn't help.  I run it in 802.11bg/n compatibility mode as I have many 802.11bg only devices in my home.  Perhaps 802.11n only performance mode might work better, but I've not used it.







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Re: MI424WR-GEN2, F

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As you mentioned in your title, if you were given an ActionTec MI424WR Rev. F that would be a Gen2 router with the Rev. E in the mix. The Rev. F has 100Mbps Network ports and Draft N Wireless that maxes at about 65Mbps theoretical (You'll get about 35Mbps out of it) with WPA2 Encryption. The Rev G and I are passed out for the 150Mbps and higher tiers at the moment, but you can buy a Rev. I, or in a luck of the draw Verizon will send one to you.


So yes the Gen3 exists. You were probably just sent a refurbished device that is suitable for your package.

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Re: MI424WR-GEN2, F

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I'm guess that is the case as it was a refurbished device. Though I do find it strange the tech support person had my account open and promised me a Gen3 model.


I'm on the 50 Mbps / 25 Mbps plan.


I just did a speed test on speedtest.net over wi-fi and measured ~40Mbps down / ~31 Mbps up.


So I guess the model I have suits me fine and I have no real use for the Gen3.

It also fixed my connection issues with my printer, Wii U, and TV that were plaguing me.

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