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Make do with an old router + WAC or upgrade ONT so I can get a new one

Make do with an old router + WAC or upgrade ONT so I can get a new one

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We had thought about continuing to use our Actiontec router and adding a wireless access point to provide wi-fi to a new computer with an ac card.  Then we realized that the router is 7 years old, so we are considering changing out the ONT so we can have an ethernet connection and switch to a new ac router.  We are being quoted $149 for that upgrade and rental of a new router would be $15/month for the 100/100 service.  We're not into renting equipment if we can avoid it so would probably buy our own router if we go the upgrade route.  We have internet and phone but  no TV.  How can I figure out which routers will work with fios and how difficult would it be to set up?  This seems more complicated than it should be.


Thanks so much.

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It won't be difficult at all. The tech will come out and upgrade the ONT and run ethernet to the router. 
You can use any router you want. Make sure you get a dual band wireless AC router with gigabit ethernet ports. Do not get anything that says Modem or DOCSIS on the box because that will be a cable modem. 

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All ONTs support Ethernet WAN connection.  Verizon support can change it from coax to WAN in a few minutes with no cost.  If you can run an Ethernet cable from the ONT to the router location, you don’t need to pay Verizon to do it for you.


To switch from coax WAN to Ethernet WAN, contact Verizon via chat or the VZ direct forum on DSL reports.  The switch takes about five minutes.  Be sure the Ethernet cable is run before you do the switch!



If you have a really old ONT, it is limited to 100Mbps (maybe even 75Mbps).  If you faster service, an ONT upgrade is required.  You may be able to talk them out of the upgrade fee if you do it as part of a renewal.


A Verizon router is needed with TV service, but since you don’t have TV you can use any router you like.  Know that Verizon does not support non-Verizon routers.  That means if you have a problem (unlikely) and call in, they will verify if the ONT is working but go no further.  Keep your old Actiontec around in case you need it.


If you want to buy a Verizon router the current models are the G1100 and the newly released G3100.  You can review the details here:





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You said in your other post that you have 50/50. The newer ONTs can do 100/100 on coax. If Verizon charging you $149 for upgrading to 100/100, it's because the ONT you have is an older model that is limited to 75 mbps.

Like gs0b said, every ONT has an ethernet port. The charges are for the tech to upgrade the ONT.  You should try upgrading online the installation fees are sometimes waived. 

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