Making My Asus AC-86U the Primary router and Gigabit FIOS router REV I secondary - Is it worth it

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Making My Asus AC-86U the Primary router and Gigabit FIOS router REV I secondary - Is it worth it

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So, I have 3 routers.  AC-66u, AC-68U, and an older Netgear N900.


So I read all the posts, I know how to make my Actiontec router a slave using a 3rd router as the back end to keep my DVR and program guide working.



My real question is, with the Gigabit Fios router REV I with the larger NAT size, is it REALLY worth the hassel?


I can still connect one AC routers as an access point directly to the FIOS router and the other with a MOCA as an accesspoint at a different location all while letting the REV I router handle the DHCP and such while keeping the wifi off on it.


Besides possible bragging rights, with about 9 wireless devices, including two rokus, and A bunch of game systems hooked up to an access point by ethernet and a switch, is there really anything to gain by making the asus AC-68u the primary aside from maybe bragging rights?

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Re: Making My Asus AC-86U the Primary router and Gigabit FIOS router REV I secondary - Is it worth i

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In my opinion it is not worth putting another router ahead of the Actiontec.


In my situation I have two additional routers double NATed behind the Actiontec.  By double NATing the other routers I can used all their advanced features, traffic management, port forwarding, static IPs, etc.  Using expensive routers with better radios only as APs is probably a waste of  your money.


The only thing I run on the Actiontec are  my set top boxes and I  usw the WiFi to provide a guest network when needed.  I turn the radio off when I don't have guests.


My other two routers are connected directly to the Actiontec.  One using Ethernet and the other using a MOCA adapter.


I find the Actiontec router is an OK piece of hardware.   I have never had to reboot  it to solve a problem,   I have some port forwards setup on it so I can connect to an FTP server run on one of my other sub nets,   remote access to other devices and I also use Dynamic DNS on it in conjunction with the port forwarding.


The Actiontec's  only  shortcoming  perhaps is the lack of a 5 Ghz radio.


A potentail reason  for having the Actiontec first is that if you ever have a network problem and your Actiontec isn't the primary router getting technical support from Verizon will be difficult if not impossible.   The script jockeys at the very least will require that you reconfigure your network to their vision of what it should be before they can begin trouble shooting.


Depending on how you have your double NATed networks setup it can provide you an additional layer of security.

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