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MoCA coax issues

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MoCA coax issues

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I am trying to setup Moca connection between my TiVo Premier XL4 and TiVo Mini over coax. I have a FiOS GB ethernet plan with G1100 Quantum router. Here is the setup:

ONT ---> 2-way splitter (Moca 2.0)----> 4-way splitter (Moca 2.0) ----> G1100 (coax)

 4-way splitter from above ----> TiVO Premier XL4 (Coax)


ONT ---> G1100 (WLAN) via Cat5e


Also second leg of 2-way splitter above ----> 4 -way splitter (Moca 2.0) -----Tivo Mini (Coax)


Neither of TiVo boxes is able to connect to internet via coax Moca connection. When both boxes are connected to LAN of G1100 they work fine and connect to internet and to each other but this would require me to run a new ethernet cable (>100ft), which is something I want to avoid since I have coax outlet where I need and I know it works for others. 

My understanding is that G1100 router controls MoCA network automatically and I just need to connect Tivo boxes to coax outlets and choose option to use Moca instead of ethernet within TiVo menu. 

When tech installed FiOS he tested coax outlets to make sure they had good signal so I know outlets are properly wired. 

Any suggestions?

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Re: MoCA coax issues

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We’re you ever able to get this working?


i just upgraded my internet from 75/75 and now having an issue with set up with this new router. 


Tivo Mini in bedroom no longer connecting to the base tivo in living room.  Had been set up Fine as MoCa

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Re: MoCA coax issues

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One question:

Why do you have so many splitters?

Possible signal is being degraded.

It looks like you have just 3 devices correct (2 TIVOs and Router)?

Either use a single 4 way splitter and terminate the unused leg or just use 2 two way.

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Re: MoCA coax issues

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Also keep in mind that you will not get full Gig speeds over your MoCA network if you use the coax output on the G1100.  The router is rated for MoCA 2.0 Basic (about 700 Mpbs), not Enhanced (about 1.4 Gbps).  To get enhanced speeds. you must connect a MoCA 2.0 Bonded adapter between the coax lead to your coax network, and an ethernet port on the G1100.  The Motorola unit is cheaper than the Actiontec and works just as well: Link to Amazon for Motorola MM1000.  


I have FIOS Internet only, so I disconnected the coax from the ONT from the splitter, and ran the coax from the adapter connected to the G1100 to the input side of the coax splitter.  I also purchased a MoCA 2.0 compatible splitter, but be warned that this may not be necessary, or desirable if you run TV over your MoCA network: Holland 8-Way MoCA Splitter.


On the other hand, this is my result on a 100' cable run, with a few things going on in the background: FIOS Speedtest


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