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MoCA question

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I'm sure this has been answered but I couldn't find exactly what I'm asking.  I'm also an incredibly daft newbie at this stuff.


I'm having FIOS TV and 1g internet installed next week.  I plan to have TIVO for my STB and so as far as I can tell, I can keep using my routers as normal.


As I understand it, the installer will use the ONT's co-ax for my TV run and its ethernet for my internet.  Is that correct?


Here's my issue.  There's a co-ax that feeds direcly to my house's server room that is easily accessible to the ONT.  There is not a cat6 and to run a new one would be quite complicated.  


Will I be able to take the ethernet at the ONT and feed into a bonded MoCA 2.0 that's running on the same co-ax that's carrying the TV signal?  The second MoCA would exit into the main router in server room.  I know I won't get the full speeds, but it's worth the loss to avoid running a cat6.  


Will this work or will it cause a conflict?  I'm unclear if the co-ax from the ONT is already using the MoCA frequencies and if a second one will cause problems.  


Sorry again for the likely dumb question - and thanks for any advice.

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If internet is via Ethernet vs coax from ont, then there should be no other moca signal on coax. So you should be able to inject your own moca signal in the line

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