MoCa & Ethernet ports both active?

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Re: MoCa & Ethernet ports both active?

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Oh, and again, can both ethernet & moca ports on ONT be used simultaneously in order to use old verizon router for channel guide & new router for internet? If I'm not mistaken, support said both ports can not be enabled. I kind of had my doubts as to support's feedback

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Re: MoCa & Ethernet ports both active?

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The ONT can provide three services to the premise, depending on what a user subscribes.  They are:

  • Phone: provided over copper wire via the phone jack.
  • Internet WAN: provided over MoCA or Ethernet, BUT NOT BOTH!  Only one is ever active.  Connects to a router to provide a LAN for all connected devices.
  • TV: Linear TV channels provided over coax.  On-demand, guide data, set-top command&control provided via IP data running over the WAN port through the router to a MoCA LAN.

If you have Verizon TV service, it is best to have a Verizon router as primary.  It will provide the needed MoCA LAN service to the set-tops as well as full integration with Verizon services.  It's WAN connection can be over coax or Ethernet, independent of the MoCA LAN connection.


If you have the latest FiOS ONE set-top-boxes, a Verizon router is required for activation.


If you do not use a Verizon router, Verizon will not provide any support.  If you're prepared to manage your own TV, network and router, this isn't a problem.  Once you get things setup you're likely not have any problems, but if you'll want to get support from Verizon if problems occur, stick with a Verizon router.

You may find this helpful, too:



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Re: MoCa & Ethernet ports both active?

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Wonderful, great feedback! Very informative, Thanks!

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Re: MoCa & Ethernet ports both active?

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Yeah. Sometimes support can be misinformed. I'm actually surprised they didn't try sell you a new Verizon router. Since you said you're not tech savvy, adding a MoCA adapter might be the easiest solution. Verizon sells the FiOS Network Adapter(FNA) for $55. This is what I use for my setup. 

As far as setup all you have to do is connect one of your new router's LAN ports to one of the FNA's ethernet ports and then connect the coax from the old router to the FNA's coax port. After that reboot your set-top boxes and they will get an IP address from your new router. 

Keep in mind you can do this same setup with any MoCA adapter. I just mention the FNA because it's pretty cheap. 

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