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Moving Router to Better Location

Moving Router to Better Location

Contributor Stigy
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I would like to relocate my FiOS Quantum Gateway into a more central location in my house and just want to understand if this is something that FiOS supports (can be done without a technician) and what is required to do this?


My ONT has the following connectivity - 

Into the ONT

  • Fiber from the street
  • Power

Out of the ONT

  • Coax into a Splitter (One back to the splitter outside & one to the Quantum Gateway)
  • Ethernet into the Quantum Gateway


If I wanted to move the router would I need to extend all of these cables to the new location? If I am experiencing slowness lately due to the placement of the Quantum Gateway is this something that a tech will come out and do for me (free / cost)?


Thanks in advance.


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Silver Contributor IV
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I would just run a new ethernet from ONT to where you want to put the router. And run a new coax from router's new location back to the splitter and change it from a 2 port to 3 port splitter. 

Verizon will charge to do this inside wiring work. If you are comfortable to do it then you can but if you don't have the necessary tools it might just be easier to schedule Verizon to do it.

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