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Multiple MoCA devices - G1100 with WCB6200Q and ECB6200

Multiple MoCA devices - G1100 with WCB6200Q and ECB6200

Contributor Kbike
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I am having LAN trouble with a setup that has two Moca devices in addition to the Fios Gateway. 


My previous setup had coax from the ONT into a G1100 Gateway.  Coax went into an Actiontec ECB6200 Moca device on another floor.  Ethernet came out of the ECB6200 and into a network switch.  Everything worked great and all of my devices could see each other on one happy network.  The devices plugged into the GW by ethernet could see the devices connected to the Actiontec ECB6200 Moca device just fine. 


When I upgraded to gigabit Fios, the technician moved my G1100 gateway right next to the ONT, and connected the two with Ethernet. He added a Fios Network Extender (FNE) - WCB6200Q so he would not have to r running a new long Ethernet cable to a higher floor. Now all of my devices can see the internet just fine but the devices connected to the WCB6200 FNE are not able to see the devices that connect to the ECB6200 nor vice versa. This wreaks havoc on smart speakers and a few other things that need to be on the same local network to cooperate.  


Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips for this kind of setup?

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Silver Contributor V
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In your case this sounds like physical network isolation. The new extenser may be the cause for this, are you share the ECB and WCB or still on the same physical coax network? 

Contributor Kbike
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The coax plugs into the G1100 in the basement. After that there is a splitter and one branch runs to the first floor (WCB) and one branch runs to the second floor (ECB).  All of the clients on each can see the internet and their immediate peers but the WCB and ECB clients can not see across (e.g. a WCB client can not see an ECB client).


I will  more closely inspect the coax lines to make sure I am accurate. 


Thanks very much for for your helpful suggestion. 

Contributor Kbike
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I removed the Fios Network Extender WCB6200Q (WCB) and put an 

Actiontec ECB6200 (ECB) in its place. Everything is working fine now. 


To summerize, I have two ECB devices. Each one is plugged into a switch. All the devices plugged into both switches can see devices from either switch. 


The network isolation I experienced with one WCB and one ECB is not present when I have two ECBs instead.  

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If you desire to troubleshoot more, look at devices connected to each network device.

See if they are on the same subnet.

Its possible you were in a condition where there were multiple subnets and router was not configure to would bridge across them.

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Contributor Kbike
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Thanks for the tip.   All of the computers were showing on the same subnet but I still experienced isolation. If I connected by wireless or wired to the GW (G1100) I could successfully ping devices connected to either switch. If I connected to either switch (wired or WiFi) I could only see devices on the immediate switch (and the public internet).  After getting rid of the FiOS network Extender and using two of the ECB6200 devices instead, all devices can see all other devices.   So, I consider this solved by not using the FiOS Network Extender.   It might be interesting to know if two FIOS Network Extenders would work equally well but I’m not going to do that test. 

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