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My Gigabit speeds are nowhere near the 940/880 and the techs have no answer?

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Re: My Gigabit speeds are nowhere near the 940/880 and the techs have no answer?

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@SethD7 wrote:

Correct, but it should rarely drop below 1/3 of the max ethernet unless it is a hardware issue within the router itself or throttled by the company. Being as Verizon doesn't allow customers to control/throttle their own WiFi speeds through the router. This is where Cox Communications is better. No throttled WiFi speeds. When I had Cox's 300mbps I would receive 250-350mbps WiFi speeds. With Verizon I cap out at 80mbps. This is either a router hardware issue or a setting that only Verizon can control. I think I might go back to Cox Coms just for the fact that multiple devices stream way better and faster through WiFi than Verizon.

The problem is you can have the greatest WiFi in the world. But it still depends on placement of the router, the radios in your devices. Some devices use 2.4 Ghz and some use 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz and can be selected.


as the other poster has stated the Quantum routers are crappy. They use internal antenna and I would look to a better router with 4-6 external antennas and beam forming and auto detect on WiFi but you will have to know these things cost way more than a $150 Quantum Gateway Router from Verizon.


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Re: My Gigabit speeds are nowhere near the 940/880 and the techs have no answer?

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Have tried hardwiring your connection via ethernet if you're using wifi? 

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Re: My Gigabit speeds are nowhere near the 940/880 and the techs have no answer?

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I think the answer is right in front of you. Verizon FIOS uses the term Gigabit in a less than honest way. There is no other way to look at it. Especially if the real speed is ambiguous due to other circumstances, it would ne more honest to tell the real speeds.  There is a lot on the internet that is not true but when a company like Verizon stoops to deceipt, it should be challenged. There is nothing about FIOS remotely like the promotions for it before I signed up.  The most ridiculous thing is the equipment needed. Being used to Comcast Cable which my house was prewired for over 30 years ago, I was very surprised when the install guys told me the modem is near the exact entry of the Cable into the house, down on the first floor. In order to use their internet upstairs on the third floor when I had always used Comcast, they said that I would need an "extender" at an additional monthly cost. They truly wanted me to cancel the installation and would not explain anything they did or the equipment left here for me to pay for. The internet speeds are obnoxiously slow. The high of 300 when on the tech a couple days ago was supposed to satisfy me. She said she was sorry I was not happy with that speed intead of what I thought they were selling and I pay for every month. I just now did a test several times at speedtest.net and got 312 Mbps down and 85.9 Mbps upload speed. This is as high as it gets. How does a company like Verizon get away with selling something they likely can't deliver? If it is justb the nature of the connections, then tell the customer up front. Even cars with gasoline mileage are more honest and explain what the numbers mean. What this does it make the supposed standard of gigabit speed meaningless. For years it was also advertised that there would be no slowing of Internet speed with all your neighbors using it at once. Verizon was quite specific with that claim. When I called a couple times in the beginning to get support for no Internet service, the people on the phone were not even pleasant as they tried to learn about the equipment they were offering tech support for. So Verizon comes out with a solution for that: Now they charge extra monthly for tech support. There is nothing to recommend FIOS at all. The remote control is a cheap thing that has no instructions so watchig TV or using the VCR is a guessing game. Thank goodness for NetFlix or there would be nothing available with FIOS. All this fun for just $149.00/month. This may just be an example of why the deregulation mantra is not in the consumer's interest. All it means is no rules that a business has to provide what they offer. One last little tidbit. They insisted I had to take a telephone service with the less expensive new service I ordered. I didn't realize back then and was not told they would be taking my landline out when setting up the new telephone service. Ok, it's going to end but the number was supposed to stay the same as the landline. You guessed ot: it was a different number than the one I had usede so many years. Another day, another call to Verizon FIOS to ask them to restore the number as they promised. OK, leter that day it was working with the old number. And they only wamted a small fee to change to the number I was supposed to have. These utilities al need greater regulation by the government to ensure they deliver what they charge for. I'm looking at the Current Comcast offerings and it looks designed to be as clear as mud.

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Re: My Gigabit speeds are nowhere near the 940/880 and the techs have no answer?

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