My exhausting, frustrating FIOS experience

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My exhausting, frustrating FIOS experience

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Sorry in advance for the length of this topic, just at this point extremely frustrated.


So I have had Verizon DSL for over 2 years now, the entire time I had checked back and asked Verizon periodically to ask for FIOS a upgrade. Over and over I was told that “service is not yet in your area;” this statement is indeed false. I have family less than a half mile away that have had FIOS for over 5 years, and other apartments and businesses in the town plaza I live in, have FIOS (some about 10 feet from my building).


So I did a little research and found that not all addresses are listed in Verizon’s directory of known addresses. So apparently you had to speak to engineering (which it turns out is nearly impossible) to have them list your address. I took the steps and eventually had my landlord contact Verizon to verify our address exists to get the FIOS ball moving.

Now I am getting flooded with FIOS offers; in the mail, email, and even rep’s leaving “sorry we missed you” notes on my door. Yay! So I call the rep who left his number, Mr. X shows up, says “Hey! Now that your building is wired for FIOS, we can sign you right up for the service!” I sign the contract and he gives me an install date for my apartment a few days later.


The date arrives, technician, Mr. Y, shows up. “So I have had a look around your building, it says I am here to wire your apartment for FIOS but your building has not yet had the necessary tech installed.” So the rep, Mr. X, who told me everything was set to get FIOS into my apartment, was ill-informed. Mr. Y spends a few hours in the parking lot where the FIOS terminals are for the other apartments and businesses, then returns to me. He informs me that all the terminals are full and he cannot rout and additional lines to my building. So he says he will schedule a tech to come to install the new terminal. Fair enough.


I don’t hear anything for a few days so I call customer service. After a long back and forth between the agent putting me on hold to talk to the elusive engineering department, he informs me that engineering has no plans to bring FIOS to my area (aka 20 feet from where it Is already installed), and now needs to cancel my FIOS request. Awesome.


I call the technician Mr. Y back and tell him everything. He sounds confused informing me that he put in a service ticket to have service installed to my complex (to put it into scale there are only 4 apartments over 2 businesses).

So that is where I currently stand, waiting to hear back from the tech. Overall I can say this has been a rather unfun experience. I also don’t want to call anyone a liar, since everyone I had dealt with was very kind and accommodating. I just think the overall sharing of account details and information between departments is poor and needs a drastic overhaul.


Also, Does anyone have the actual phone number for the engineering department? Customer service said they couldn’t let me talk to them, but if I were to stumble across the number somewhere else, there is nothing they could do about it.


Thanks if anyone read all this, I hope nothing like this ring around the rosy has happened to others, though I fear it is probably commonplace. ❤️


TL : DR= No FIOS in your area > You can now get FIOS > Congrats your building is ready for FIOS > Sorry there is no FIOS in your building > Sorry your area isn’t going to get FIOS > Sorry we are canceling your FIOS request.

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Re: My exhausting, frustrating FIOS experience

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The real tech number is only on PAPER in the Verizon phone directory. There is one guy that handles the calls and he knows what he is doing. You ned to search the phone directory for the Verizon numbers.

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