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My fios app- parental control

My fios app- parental control

Contributor yiyi
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I am having the same issue as you.  I can't set up a schedule, can only disable/enable internet service on my kid's device.  Very frustrated.

Contributor Pat5
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I have been on the phone with Verizon Fios basically since December trying to resolve the issue using the Fios App parental controls.  I thought the devices were shutting off at certain times and they weren’t.  I have spent countless hours going back and forth between fios reps and MacAfee reps and I have come to the conclusion no one knows what’s going on and it was attributed to a “glitch” in the parental controls.  We asked why a letter wasn’t sent out to Verizon Fios customers warning them about this “glitch” and they said because “not many customers use the Parental controls”.  I, at least in the past, was able to use the router to set up time restrictions on each device but no longer can do that since you are forced to go to the app.  I tried everything—getting a new router, resetting the router, deleting the app, downloading the app again, resetting each profile on the app etc etc).  I spent over 20 hours on the phone over the course of a month. One rep just hung up on me because he had no idea how to resolve the issue.  Finally I had them disable the home protection feature so I can manually “disable” each device to go off at a certain time through the router.  I was told I can “purchase an additional router and use their parental control.” I cannot believe in 2019 from one of the biggest and exclusive internet providers there are this was their answer.  


Now, I am researching which is the best parental control router to add on. Thanks for the tip Verizon! 


There you go. The real glitch lies in the way the company is run.  How do you change things over without knowing what you are doing? 


So in the end what Verizon Fios is telling me is I need to invest money in another company because they are incompetent in knowing how the internet works.   Bottom line.  




Contributor Pat5
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Registered: ‎02-06-2019
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I just wrote something along these lines but we had them send a letter to us explaining that the “Verizon Fios parental control app does not work properly” so we can use that to get out of the contract since the service is faulty.   

Contributor Pat5
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Registered: ‎02-06-2019
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Did you have any luck? I need to turn them off manually.  I tried every single thing you did as well.  

Contributor mikichik
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i have a solution.

i use iphone.(im sure andriod can do this as well)

using the web "log into the myverizonfios page

left side under my verizon, click on deivice & parental controls

locate the Xbox and toggle it on or off or create a schedule. (i tested while my son was playing, when I heard the fuss I knew it worked)

*add that page to home screen on your phone and name it parental controls (now you have the app with the page)


first hand advice "make sure once you shut down thier xbox they dont use thier hot spot to run thier devices:

Contributor SINewton
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Just got FIOS and like others on this page, the parental controls on the app does NOT work.  Unfortunately, the router page is now greyed out and can no longer be accessed, forcing me to the app.  The time block on the app does NOT work -- you can schedule it, but it doesn't turn off access.


I called Verizon and home internet protection group said they couldn't remove it.  I need a new router.  I was transferred to repairs and they sent me a new router.  Still greyed out.  This is very frustrating.  On the plus side, I guess i can go find a router myself and not pay the $12 rent.  I know I lose the TV guide and all but I can get that back by getting TIVO (for less than the rent on my other boxes).  Its just a pain in the butt.  



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