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My new router: MI424WR keeps dropping connection and doesn't have any range!

My new router: MI424WR keeps dropping connection and doesn't have any range!

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I "upgraded" my router to the MI424WR-Rev 1.  This thing seems to be a piece of junk.  I was able to connect with my old router from every corner of my home and into my yard.  This piece of junk has no range whatsoever, and it is in the same exact place as the old one.  On top of that, I am constantly dropping my connection and the network bogs down.


I am trying to hook up a Netgear extender, but it seems that the WPS switch is not even working on this unit.  I am at a loss and am ready to throw this piece of junk into the ocean. 


I know that there are a lot of posts about this router already, but I figure the more people who post, the more likely that they'll change.

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They have changed.  Not that you will necessarily like the newest router.  They are now beginning to use Greenwave FIOS-G1100 which does include 802.11AC, and the dual 2.4 and 5.0 khz bands.

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The Actiontec rev I is an 802.11n router.  The older Actiontecs are 802.11g.  802.11g often has better range than 802.11n, but it is much slower.  When I upgraded to the rev I, I had to move the router location from my basement to a more central location in my home; that solved the range issue.


The WPS button the Actiontecs is not enabled.


Actiontec sells the WCB3000N network extender that works seamlessly with the Actiontec router.  It is a dual band device.  While I've not used one, many folks have given it great reports.  You can read about it here:



If you want one, the best price is $75 direct from Verizon here:



The WCB3000N is not a simple "range extender," as it does not act as a WiFi repeater.  Instead, it connects to an Ethernet or coax cable to connect back to the main router.  This is very good, as pure WiFi extenders act as repeaters which cuts the bandwidth in half.


The WCB3000N will connect to the Actiontec and automatically configure itself to match it's WiFi settings.  It is truly plug and play.  Of course, you can manually configure it if you want to.


The latest Quantum router from Verizon is a dual band, 802.11ac device.  In my experience over the last few weeks, it's range is similar to the Actiontec rev I.  I've seen reports that the WCB3000N will work with it.


Good Luck.


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